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Student council kicks off 2009
30 January 2009

The class of 2008

The Joburg Student Council has issued an open invitation to all high school learners in Johannesburg to its orientation meeting, where the year ahead will be discussed.

YOUNG Joburgers are invited to the first meeting of the year of the Joburg Student Council, taking place tomorrow at the Metro Centre.

The student council is made up of more than 100 teenagers from 60 schools across the city. Its role is to give a voice to Joburg's youth, to raise issues and possible solutions specific to high-school learners, and to learn everything there is to know about local government.

In the first meeting of the year, student councillors and their peers will discuss several issues, such as plans for 2009, highlights of 2008, exchange programmes with other countries, and opportunities for youngsters.

The meeting will be held at the reception at the Metro Centre, on Loveday Street, in Braamfontein on Saturday, 31 January from 9am to 12.30pm.

"We want the youths to respond in large numbers for this meeting," said the student council manager, Yusuf Lachporia. "Even our new intakes who will be joining us for this year will be given a chance to formally meet and interact with Madam Speaker."

Among the highlights for the council this year was "our leadership camp planned for 10 to 13 April".

"We are also planning to host a youth summit later in the year and have been invited to participate in a student exchange programme with Germany," said Lachporia.

"This invitation will give us a chance to learn and gain information from other youths around the world and it will also give us good exposure to opportunities we need as student councillors, which will make our lives better."

The Germany youth councils will visit their South African peers from 7 to 18 March; in return, a group of local student councillors will visit Germany from 29 September to 11 October.

"During our meeting we will also have an exhilarating year plan drawn up for the student councillors and youths which will guide us through the year.



"Our highlights in 2008 included a successful exchange programme with America. We were fortunate to be able to take eight South African students to Atlanta, Georgia," he said.

"The visit to Atlanta proved to be a thoroughly enriching and educational experience for all who were involved. We also hosted American students in South Africa, when we were engaged in many edutainment events and workshops."

In 2008, the council also hosted a delegation of 20 learners from the Cape Town student council. Among several activities undertaking by the two groups, lessons were learned and advice was exchanged.

The Joburg Student Council is also involved in assisting the City Children's Council, which is focused at primary school learners.

"We also run a children's council and this year its first meeting is planned for Wednesday, 4 February, also at the Metro Centre.

"At this meeting we want them to listen and learn how we run a thing at senior level; they should learn and teach their comrades," said Lachporia.

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