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Student summit achieves goals
23 April 2010

The Student Citizen Summit brought together students from all over the City

Learners from a variety of schools and organisations learned about each other and ways to improve their world at a Students Citizenship Summit.

THE Students Citizenship Summit achieved what it set out to do; it brought together learners from diverse backgrounds and allowed them to debate issues important to them.

Students participate in a group activity
Students participate in a group activity

A Joburg Student Council event, the summit took place from 18 to 21 April at Konka Camps in Magaliesburg. Schoolchildren from schools in and affiliated to Meadowlands, community development, economic development, Technohub Computer Clubhouse, African Leadership Academy, June 16 Foundation, Durban Student Council and the Parliamentary Millennium Programme were at the four-day event.

The programme was stimulating and challenging, aimed at developing the learners' sense of civic responsibility, while educating them about their city. Participants had to be up by 6am everyday for group activities. Bongani Khumalo, the head facilitator at the summit, said: "This is to get them to work in teams and to realise that together they can do more."

Various speakers from a variety of institutions spoke to the learners. Presentations were made by representatives from the African Leadership Academy, the June 16 Foundation, the Development Bank of Southern Africa, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Save the Children, Youth for Human Rights, Sanca and Pikitup.

Topics covered included project management skills, youth and democracy, youth and leadership, entrepreneurial skills, greening the environment, and heritage and culture. A manners and presentation workshop was also given.

Moronngoe Tladinyane, from the Development Bank of Southern Africa, who is a scientist by training, spoke on the De Bono way of thinking. "Do not throw away your gut feeling, as we all wear different hats of thinking, according to the De Bono method."

June 16 Foundation

Seth Mazibuko, from the June 16 Foundation, said: "We watered the tree of liberation with blood; you need to water the tree with your sweat." He got a standing ovation from the learners for his words.

Healthy fun: students take time off for exercise
Healthy fun: students take time off for exercise

At the age of 16, Mazibuko was sent to Robben Island for seven years, for being the June 16 Action Campaign vice-president.

The IEC's Moses Pitso also spoke. "Democracy is a procedure for arriving at a decision that is taken by all that are affected by it, either directly or indirectly," he said in a presentation highlighting the importance of a democratic country.

In his presentation, Pikitup's Wayne Perry said: "We are about to implement a clean city campaign ... where two children from each grade of the schools chosen will become eco-rangers and will be responsible for the upkeep of a clean environment in their respective schools.

"We are happy the students have given us pointers on how to improve the campaign," he added.

On the last day of the summit, the learners were asked to comment on their best presentations, their best experience, what they were going to do with the information they got at the summit and what difference they were going to make in their communities, among other questions.

Students from the June 16 Foundation said: "We, the youth of the foundation, from eight historical schools that had a major influence in changing the future of our education, would like to preserve that heritage with the help of the Joburg Student Council and culture and heritage institutions.

"We are also devoted and committed to shaping our communities into better places with the information we got from the summit."



Those from the African Leadership Academy said: "We would like the introduction of leadership courses at schools, with trained teachers to teach those courses and the implementation of platforms to allow students to practice those skills."

The student summit covered several issues, including being responsible
The student summit covers several issues, including being responsible

Students from schools in Soweto's Meadowlands loved the talks on presentation skills and on the De Bono method of thinking.

From economic development in Alexandra, students said: "We would like the products sold at schools' tuck shops not to be sold way above the cost price and to create an innovation that will affect the whole of South Africa, like [we heard in] the presentation on entrepreneurial skills."

They would also like to see you people becoming their own bosses and being independent.

Students from the Technohub Computer Clubhouse said they loved the youth and leadership presentation as well as the sporting activities like the Summit World Cup and the obstacle course relay.

Members of the Joburg Student Council "loved the reiteration of the concept of teamwork and responsibility and are now more than ever mature, passionate and committed to making a difference in our respective communities".

The Students Citizenship Summit will be an annual event on the calendar of the Joburg Student Council, according to Yusuf Lachporia, the manager of the Student and Children's councils.


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Last Updated on 19 February 2013