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10/11/2016: City advises customers to always be alert
10 November 2016
The City of Johannesburg advises its customers not to let their guard down, but to always contact the City whenever they receive emails, letters or have someone visit their property soliciting payments to be paid to unknown accounts.

The City's Spokesperson Kgamanyane Maphologela says with the Festive Season fast approaching, the number of customers who complain about being scammed increases.

"One of the first red flags for a customer is when they receive an email, letter or documentation purporting to be from the City – asking them to deposit a certain amount into the private account number. The first point is to contact the City and verify the correct banking details," says Maphologela.

Maphologela says customers must familiarize themselves with the City's payment methods and facilities when they wish to pay their accounts. Maphologela says, customers can minimize the chances of falling victim to scammers, by knowing that the City has one official banker which is the Standard Bank.

Maphologela says the City has referred the number of cases as a result of this scam to the Forensic Auditors for investigation.

Maphologela says the City would never go to the customers' properties requesting upfront payments. He says should the customer suspects that they might be scammed, they should immediately call the City's Customer Call Centre (0860 562 874) or visit their nearest Customer Walking Centre to do verification on their accounts.

Maphologela says during the festive season, the rise in scams is bound to increase and customers must at all times be alert and know the proper channels in which to make payments to the City.

"Some people if they owe the City might give-in to the demands of the scammers, but we are encouraging them to educate themselves on the proper channels to follow when paying the City," says Maphologela.

Payments can be made using any one of the following options:

Direct deposits to Standard Bank:

Payments can be made over the counter at any Standard Bank branch, county-wide.

Customers using this method must fill in the unique beneficiary number allocated to City of Johannesburg: AA45 in the account number field. Always remember to use your nine-digit municipal account number in the depositor's name or reference field. This will ensure that the deposit is allocated to the correct municipal account.

Payments over the counter must be accompanied by the customer's account.

Internet payments:

If you pay via internet banking, you must firstly delete the old CoJ beneficiary (Absa,

Account Number 4054398463); and then add a new beneficiary from the pre-loaded

beneficiary list with the title: City of Johannesburg Company Beneficiary. Remember to use your nine-digit municipal account number as your reference.

ATM, Telephone Banking and Other:

Customers who make payments made via stop order, telephone banking or the ATM must change banking details at their own banks. Debit Order customer need not make any changes.

3rd Party Payments:

Customers who pay via Easypay pay-points such as Pick 'n Pay, Checkers and

Woolworths are not impacted. They should however remember to take along their barcoded municipal account and take note that their payment may take up to five days to register on the City's system.

Customer Service Centres:

Customer can pay their municipal account, in cash, at any of our 50 Customer Service Centres City wide.

Customers can also go to the City's website for more info:


Issued by:

Kgamanyane Maphologela

Customer Communications & Stakeholder Management

Revenue Shared Services Centre

Group Finance

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