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​Ward Committee Nominations

Nomination forms to stand as a ward committee member are now available from all Ward Governance Offices in the Regions during office hours.

A nominated person must:

Be nominated by two community members who are registered voters in the same ward accept the nomination by signing the nomination form.
Choose ONLY ONE SECTOR in which they intend to serve.
The Sectors are as follows:

Housing, Transport, Public safety, Economic Development and Finance, Infrastructure and Services, Community Development 1 (Sports, Culture, and Youth), Community Development 2 (Women, Faith Based Groups, CBO and NGO’s), Environment, Health, Development Planning and Urban Management.

Opening and closing dates for nominations 01 – 25 November 2016. 

Completed forms must be submitted to the relevant City of Joburg regional office by no later than 25 November 2016 at 16h:00.

Use this opportunity to become an active citizen in the affairs of Council and make a difference in your community by standing for elections as a ward committee member or voting for someone who is ready to serve.


Ward Committee Nomination Form

Notice of Election of ward committees in the City of Johannesburg for the 2016/2021 political term of office