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STOVE.jpg27. Use pressure cookers when preparing food that takes a long time to cook.

28. Match pots and pans to stove plates. Small pots on large plates waste electricity.

29. Do not use pots with distorted bottoms.

30. Switch off the plates or oven before food is fully cooked. This allows you to finish your cooking without using energy.

31. Keep oven doors closed until food is cooked.

32. Do not preheat the oven. It isn’t necessary to preheat the oven except for food requiring high temperatures and slow cooking times.

33. Make use of the oven’s leftover heat. Your oven retains heat for 15 to 30 minutes after it is turned off. Use that free heat to warm up desserts, rolls or freshen crackers and cookies.

34. Glass and ceramic pans retain heat better than metal pans.

Don’t open the fridge door unnecessarily and make sure the seal is intact.

35. Use the self-cleaning feature only when it’s necessary. Start the self-cleaning cycle right after cooking while the oven is still hot. Less energy will be required to reach cleaning temperature.