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​​​​Invite for NGOs to apply for pay per service
Request for submission of proposals from the Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) to support the City of Johannesburg Social Development programs on​: Read more
​City of Johannesburg​

Department: Social Development

Terms of Reference for organizations that would like to be included in the panel of organizations that will be requested to render services in the financial year of 2018-2019


    The purpose of this document is to outline the services and requirements that the non-profit organizations must consider and respond to when they submit proposals in the month of August 2018.

    2.           BACKGROUND

    The City approved the review of the Social Funding policy on 25 October 2012.  One of the key components of the new policy is to fund non-profit organizations through a “pay per service" grant, at an amount calculated per citizen served. A call for proposals is being made for non-profit organization to submit proposals in order to be approved as organizations that will be requested to provide services as and when the Department requires in period 2018-2019 financial year. The following categories of services listed under Table 1 below are the services that may be requested however, organizations are encouraged to submit proposals per services that they offer and those that are aligned with the Integrated Development Plan of the City. The IDP can be downloaded on the City's web site,, or obtained at Group Strategy, Policy Coordination and Relations at 011 407-7598. Reference must be made to the services of the Department of Social Development

    NB: The organizations that have been pre-approved will be the only ones that are approached for service requests. Such organizations will be approached and requested to submit a short outline of the required services and the price list (quotation) as and when the department requires a service.

  2. Organizations will be paid after the service has been rendered and the work done has been verified and the City has satisfied itself that the work has been delivered as per agreement. The payment process can take one to three (1-3) months before the payment is finalized. There will be no upfront funding provided to organizations to start with the work.


    Organizations must complete Annexure A, which a compulsory form that must be properly and correctly completed and signed by two different people.


    The proposal by the organization will be Annexure B. It must not be too long but must cover the following headings or issues:
  • What is the service that will be provided?
  • What are the activities that will be undertaken?
  • If it is training, please attach proof of accreditation and provide curriculum content/topics.
  • What are the targets that will be reached?
  • Which areas and wards will these services be provided? (Please check with your ward councillor for the correct ward number).
  • Does the organization have enough staff, space, resources and money to implement the service?
  • What is the approach and methodology that will be taken by the organization to deliver this service, e.g., is it Home visits, case work, group work, campaigns, workshops etc.
  • Explain the practical and logistical arrangements and methods you will follow.
  • Submission of proof that the organization has implemented the services.


    The request for a price is to empower the Department to make a comparison and be able to choose a reasonable price. Price will be considered against the quality and quantity of service proposed in Annexure B. The Department has limited budget and is not always able to accept the prices that organizations submit, in this case, the Department will propose a price to the applicant.


    Approved organizations cannot resume with the services until both parties (COJ and Organisation) have signed and are in possession of the SLA.

    The services in this category of application must be completed in or before end of June 2019 to enable the Department to disburse the funding within the current financial year. Extensions will not be granted. Organizations may be requested to offer similar services in the next financial year, but they will have to reapply and enter into a new SLA for that particular year.

    It is incumbent upon organizations to read, understand, comment and submit the SLAs. If the organization does not return the signed SLA, it will be assumed that the organization is not accepting the agreement and therefore will not enter into the relationship with the Department.


    Organizations will be expected to implement as per the agreement.  Any deviations must be discussed and put in writing and agreed on by all parties. Any challenges must be discussed immediately and a solution must be sought and agreed on timeously.


    Payment will be based on the number of beneficiaries served as per services and requirement under scope of work undertaken.

    The payment process can take one to three (1-3) months before the payment is finalized. This period allows the Department to verify the work submitted by the organization. There will be no upfront funding provided to organizations to start with the work.


    Organizations will be expected to account in the following process:
      • Monthly individual progress and services rendered to each beneficiary
      • Provide monthly statistics
      • General progress on the beneficiaries and implementation of the project
      • Financial Report
      • Attend monthly service feedback meetings
      • Signed attendance registers of beneficiaries
      • Content of programmes rendered

        As and when required, the provider may be required to attend meetings, consultations and other engagements related to the functions of Social Development.  This may include representing the views of the Social Development Department or Council if instructed to do so by the Head of Social Development and perform any function which can reasonably be associated with the service in the opinion of the Head of Social Development.

        If there are any sensitivities regarding the individual reports, the organizations must raise these upfront, upon signing the SLA and must be put in writing and agreed with the Department.


        The Department may at its sole discretion impose penalties for non-performance.

        The Department reserves the right to withhold payment where it deems the result of the    project outcome to be unsatisfactory.
        Notwithstanding anything elsewhere stated, the Department may at its sole discretion, with all rights reserved, discontinue the services of a particular organization.  Should the Department wish to exercise this option, the Department will notify the organization in writing of its intentions in this regard, requesting the organization to show proven costs incurred to date, and after having deducted any monies owing, terminate the agreement, and effect the part consideration applicable.


        All organizations that apply must be on the City's NGO database.  If such organizations have already submitted the basic documents, they may not need to do so again. Please verify your status by sending an enquiry to  Alternatively contact Zwelibanzi Ncombo on 011407-6751 or Ms. Selaelo Mohajane on 011 407-6601 or during office hours 08h00 to 16h00.

        Briefing session will be held on the 17 August 2018 at Metro center A level Lecture Theatre 158 Civic Boulevard street Braamfontein from 9h00 to 12h00.

        Closing Date for submission of proposals is Monday 27 August 2018.

        All proposals, must have the following attachments:

        a).Financial statements:  Latest (1year) independently assessed or audited financial report. If the report is not audited, please provide the name contact details and practice or license number of the person or company that assisted your organization with the report.

        b). Director's identification:  Provide copy of the head of the organization (director, or project manager, etc.) and the chairperson's ID documents as per company governance profile. This means ID copies of two different people who are also mentioned in Annexure A

        c). Organogram and List names of the management committee members and staff, including their designations

        d). Up to date Municipal accounts or lease agreements of the Director and Chairperson's

         (Same people referred to in Annexure A and B)

        Table 1

        Table of services that are required by Department of Social Development or the City in general
The following table provides a list as an example of services that may be required




Services to the elderly


Social Support package :

  • Healthy Lifestyle e.g. information on Healthy living, exercises, medication, diseases of old age
  • Social Support e.g. luncheon club, bereavement support, support groups, placement in frail care
  • Nutrition e.g. healthy eating, food parcels, food gardens
  • Empowerment e.g. elderly abuse, dementia
  • Economic Empowerment e.g. SASSA , Registration on ESP
  • Establishment of Luncheon clubs or linking with a club
  • Participation on Integrated Referral system
  • Target = 8000 ( 1000 per region and 2000 for Region D)
  • Expected from NGO to walk the walk for 9 months with allocated number of Senior citizens. 2 Days per week.
  • Outcome: Senior citizens that have a steady income, meal every day and part of a support system.
2Young women's programme

The Young women's programme aims to take young women on a journey of self-discovery by:

  • Raising consciousness on young women about their identity
  • Instilling a sense of self love, respect and pride  on young   womanhood
  • Redefining the role of Young Women in their own development
  • Empowering young women to stand up for who they are
  • Identifying the needs and challenges of young women
  • Discover their own qualities and assets to develop themselves
  • Produce a well-balance, well groomed young women for the country
  • Establish a young women's network
  • Target = 360 in all Regions , except in Region B
  • CoJ will do recruitment and NGO is expected to do Inner Healing module

Debriefing of Peer Educator's for sex workers









  • Psycho Social Support group for peer Educators who work with Sex workers.
  • CoJ will do the recruitment.
  • Target = 4 session with 40 Peer Educators ((10 per group) per month               including ad-hoc individual psycho-social support.



4. Youth Development Services

Youth Training

  • Training for a period of eight months on the following programmes:
  • Job preparedness workshop
  • Basic computer training
  • Internet access
  • Create Database for young people in the city
  • The NGO's must bring their own resources e.g. Computers
  • The appointed NGOs must recruit and register 8000 Beneficiaries City wide to benefit from the programmes. Beneficiaries must attend and complete all programmes as requested by the User Unit.
  • The 8000 was calculated as follows: 200 beneficiaries /pm x 8 months x 5 centres.


Youth Programme Interventions

  • Recruit 4000 young people, to be trained in the following:
  • Life skills
  • Healthy life style
  • Leadership development
  • Five days Training, per region for two groups.
6. Services for persons with Disabilities

NGOs to assist PWD Sub Unit with implementation of  the following  program/s


  • Establishment and facilitation of a PWD and Family Self-help support group comprising of 15 PWDs or Family members of PWDs for a period of 12 sessions (1 session per week) done in 7 Regions. Sessions to be facilitated by a skilled/experienced person/social Worker.
  • Skills of daily living for people with visual disabilities
  • Training on pottery making for different PWDs
  • Referrals and reporting of cases to relevant stakeholders e.g. income-generation project, prevention and awareness, provision of assistive devices.

Programme Intervention


  • Skills of daily living: Orientation and Mobility Skills(O&M) :


  • Orientation and Mobility skills training is a Training that would empower people with visual disabilities to gain independence through learning and relearning.

  • Beneficiaries should be taught to independently navigate their environment with simple adaptive mobility devices like, white cane, guide dogs etc.
7.Skills Development

Skills Development Sub Unit request NGO unit to appoint NPC's (training providers) on Pay Per service model to provide accredited training for a period of Six months on the following programmes :


  • End User Computing – NQF Level 4 
  • Graphic Web Design Multimedia – NQF Level 4
  • The appointed NPC's must recruit and register 1400 Beneficiaries City wide to benefit from Skills training programme.
  • Beneficiaries must attend and complete all three programmes as requested by the User Unit.
  • The 1400 was calculated as follows: 200 beneficiaries multiply by 7 (seven) regions equals to 1400 beneficiaries.

8.Migrant Sub UnitMigrant Language Lab


 Annexure A: Application form for services required for 2018/2019 Financial Year ​

Name of the organization:



Region         Ward




Telephone number:

Celphone number:


E-mail address:

Name of the person completing this proposal:



Signature of the person authorized to sign this proposal



Name of the Chairperson of the organization:


Signature of the chairperson of the organization:
Telephone number of the Chairperson

Registration date of the organization



Date of application



Number of years in operation



Core Function of the organization




Service that the organization specializes in







Type of service/s the organization is interested to assist the department with





Capacity to Deliver (e.g. personnel,  including financial resources)






Cost for the service to be rendered/provided by the organization (This is pay per service category and the cost should be per beneficiary serviced, other costs such as transportation, service fee/admin costs, refreshments, etc. should be considered)





Partners that the organization has signed partnerships with ( Please list and give contact details











References ( Please list and give contact details)
















ANNEXURE B: PROPOSAL: (Please attach)

ANNEXURE C:  PRICE:  (Please attach