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​Cllr Lloyd Eisenhower Phillips​​
​Cllr Lloyd Phillips currently serves as the Chair of Chairs in the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality overseeing eighteen committees. He is a representative of the Good Party in Councill. He understands the social and economic makeup of Johannesburg and its accompanying challenges. He was born and raised across various areas of the city confronted with many socio-economic challenges; in areas such as Eldorado Park, Noordgesig and other previously marginalised communities. 

Cllr Phillips intends to ensure that his role as the Chairperson whose core responsibility is to play an oversight role on the work of the executive brings about meaningful change on the service delivery front.

He regards his new role as an opportunity to restore hope for many residents of Johannesburg who are in despair and in dire need of effective service delivery from the elected public office bearers.

Cllr Phillips is a trusted old hand, having served diligently in various roles in the city.  He served as the Member of the Mayoral Committee for Economic Development under his watchful eye, the department achieved all its required Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). He also served on Section 79 Committee for Development Planning, as well as the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC).

He brings with him years of community-based activism, serving the citizens of Johannesburg with focus and dedication in various capacities.

His political consciousness was awakened during his teen years when he witnessed the injustices of apartheid inflicted on defenceless citizens. Through his participation in various civic and political formations, he dedicated his life to creating a society whose make-up will open prospects for all South Africans regardless of colour or creed.

He subscribes to the notion that every South African should contribute to effect the change they would like to see, as anti-apartheid activist Mahatma Gandhi once proclaimed.

Cllr Phillips boasts a wealth of experience in business, having helped to establish a thriving cooperative that operated in the construction industry. He also holds various qualifications, including a certificate in entrepreneurship for SMME obtained from Monash University, Certificate in integrated Civil Construction, Bookkeeping, Business Skills Programme (encompassing practical marketing, effective financial marketing and business plan)

Throughout his political career and community activism he advocates for good governance. Cllr Phillips believes Johannesburg should set a benchmark for the rest of South Africa on how to address thorny issues such as youth unemployment.

He believes the solution to solving unemployment is in creating an enabling environment for township SMMEs to thrive and to become competitive, equivalent to those operating in affluent areas of Johannesburg.

During his tenure as MMC for Economic Development he also cultivated partnerships with the private sector to encourage investor confidence and to support his department in ensuring the success of SMMEs across the City.