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The City Manager is fully and professionally supported to fulfil his legislated role and to drive the outcomes and strategic priorities of the City.​​

We commit to provide effective and efficient strategic, executive and personal support services to the City Manager and his delegated functions so as to enable him to fulfil his legislated role and drive the GDS and strategic priorities of the City.

To assist with unpacking the role and responsibilities of the OCM, it is important to define the "support services" reflected in the mission statement above.

Strategic Support: Includes content support, research and information provision, briefing notes, media management and stakeholder relations, international relations, IGR, advisory services, monitoring and evaluation support and assessments, etc.

Executive Support:  Includes support to the legislated and executive functions of the City Manager and delegated functions for example: document preparation and timely availability of documents for signature, prioritising of activities, governance support, etc.

Personal and Administrative Support: Support to the​​ City Manager and delegated functions in terms of diary management, logistical support, correspondence management, records and document management, etc.​