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Section 79 Transport Committee  
Unless otherwise instructed by the Council, the Transport Committee shall consider and make recommendations to Council on the following matters :


IDP, Budget and By-law Process
1.The consideration and oversight of the development of the IDP and budget in respect of the Transportation Department .
2.The consideration of the quarterly performance reports of the Transportation Department, JRA and Metrobus.
3. To exercise oversight over the development and implementation of all by-laws, strategies and policies of the Transportation Department
4.The consideration and oversight of draft tariffs, fees and charges in respect of transportation functions in the City.


1.Promote public participation in the Committee's activities
2. Ensure public consultation on any new by-law referred by Council and/or its Programming Committee.
3.Promote public participation in the key planning processes of the City as they relate to Transportation Department
4. Ensure that key issues of public concern relating to the Transportation Department are brought to the attention of Council.


1.Exercise oversight over the quarterly and annual performance of the Transportation Department and its MOEs (Johannesburg Roads Agency and Metrobus).
2. Exercise oversight over any matter referred to the Committee by the Speaker, Council and/or its Programming Committee.
3.Exercise oversight on any matter based on its own initiative.
4.Exercise oversight over any matter or activity of the Transportation Department, JRA and Metrobus that will be of concern to the Committee.
5. Invite the MMC or any official of the Transportation Department to account on any matter of interest to the Committee.


1. To make recommendations to the Council as a result of the oversight process outlined above.
2. To report on the oversight visits of the Committee.
3. To report Quarterly and Annually on the Performance of the Committee.
4. To submit proposal/comments on Provincial and National Bills and proposed policies affecting local government.