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There is one healthcare centre - located in Alexandra - and seven clinics in the region. However, this is a densely populated region and healthcare facilities face a serious staff shortage, which means that services are not the best they can be.

Two hospitals, Edenvale and Rietfontein, are close to each other to the west of the N3 highway. Although the National Institute for Virology and the South African Institute for Medical Research are also here, these do not have any specific effect on the provision of services to the local community.

Recreational facilities in Alexandra itself are in a poor state, although there are a number of well-run recreational centres and sports facilities in the rest of region. The region has tennis, bowling, soccer and hockey clubs. Safety and security is a serious problem in certain areas, particularly in Alexandra and the industrial parts of the region. Part of the reason for this is the lack of recreational facilities, unemployment and low educational levels.