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Integrated access to a range of social amenities
The vision for the provision of social amenities is linked to the creation of spaces that will unite residents. The strategy is to cluster a number of varied facilities together in an integrated environment that discourages fences and pockets of isolated public facilities and encourages multi-use facilities in multi-storey buildings in character with high rise environments envisaged along the BRT and around transit stations. The social facility clusters are spaces to implement innovative solutions on green buildings and the use of public places.

In order to construct a sustainable urban community, the necessary social facilities need to be provided to the Corridors to support the increase in population. The City is investing extensively in social facilities that fall under its jurisdiction within the Corridors within the next three years. This includes new and upgraded libraries, clinics, sports and recreational facilities and social support facilities.

Inter-governmental cooperation is required to align provincial and national budgets to this initiative in order to ensure that their services such as schools, healthcare, social welfare grants and policing, are provided to serve the increased population demands.

Ensuring a quality urban environment also requires quality public spaces. Creating great places is a key focus of the implementation programme.​

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Precinct Plans, Studies and Incentives
Some of the local areas have greater potential for redevelopment and attracting private sector investment. However, given the focus on transformation within the Corridors of Freedom, prioritising precincts or interventions is not always solely determined by factors such as the economic return on investment, but also considerations such as social inclusivity and inclusive economic growth and participation.

More detailed precincts plans are formulated for priority precincts within the Corridors.

Studies to assist with implementation are also undertaken. These include Heritage studies for Empire-Perth, Louis Botha and Turffontein and infrastructure master plans.

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The City is also developing specific incentives to stimulate further private sector development, including rebates in the Rates Policy and new development mechanisms such as the Special Development Zone.

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​Integrated access to a range of social amenities