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The Corridors of Freedom Key Features Are
Safe neighbourhoods designed for cycling and walking, with sufficient facilities and attractive street conditions;
Safe complete streets with features to calm traffic, control vehicle speeds and discourage private transport use;
Mixed-use developments where residential areas, office parks, shops, schools and other public services are close together, stimulating economic activity and creating opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs;
Rich and poor, black and white living side by side - housing options provided cover a range of types - including rental accommodation - and prices;
Limited managed parking to reduce the amount of land devoted to parking and further discourage the use of private transport; and
Convenient transit stops and stations.

Developing Dedicated Transport Corridors Holds a Number of Advantages for Joburg:
  • The City will focus on productive land use and economic activities in areas where transport infrastructure – rail and road – are already present or being planned;
  • The demand for private motorised transport will be reduced and the average trip length will be shortened;
  • Public transport will become a viable alternative because residents will live in closer proximity to work, shopping and leisure opportunities;
  • High-density housing will stimulate opportunities for the SMME sector and small-scale operators in the informal economy;
  • The environmental impact of public transport in high-density areas will be significantly smaller than in the case of low-density urban sprawl reliant on private cars;
  • Residents will benefit because they will not have to spend so much time and money on transport;
  • Learners will benefit because they will be closer to schools;
  • Unemployed people will benefit because it will be easier to get to places to look for work;
  • Factories will benefit because workers will come to work on time;
  • Shopping centres and hawkers will benefit along the corridors and nodes due to increased numbers of people passing their shops;
  • Our environment (and our lungs) will benefit with less private car use and the associated dangerous carbon emissions;
  • Construction and other related industries will benefit because of the job opportunities throughout the lifetime of the project.

​The Corridors of Freedom Key Features Are ​​