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21 November 2006

Fresh produce 


The Joburg Market has its ownwebsite. For more information, contact 011 992 8000.

Quick facts

On an average trading day, the Joburg Market sees:

  • 3 500 pedestrians
  • 2 900 trucks
  • 5 000 light motor vehicles
  • 35 000 people
  • 16 000 sales transactions


THE Joburg Market is South Africa's major centre​ for the marketing of fresh produce. It is also the largest fresh produce market in Africa. It deals in fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and general groceries, most of them on sale to the public at wholesale prices. And since the produce comes straight from the suppliers, the goods are fresh. The choice is wide and the market is worth a visit by anyone looking for quality food at great prices.

The Joburg Market is first and foremost a commission market - farmers deliver their produce to market agents who then sell it to buyers. The market makes a five percent non-negotiable commission on the sale of all fresh produce, while market agents earn a negotiable 7,5 percent commission on sales.

Single units of fruit and vegetables - for example a box of tomatoes - can be bought, while even smaller quantities of fruit and vegetables are available from the Mandela Market, Unity Market and Hall 9.

The market is in City Deep, off Heidelberg Road, just south of the M2 freeway. Take the Ruven Road off ramp from the M2 (off ramp 15, route M19), drive south down Vickers Road across the railway tracks, turn left into Heidelberg Road, and right at the second intersection.

Sales take place on Tuesdays to Fridays from 6am to 11am, and on Mondays and Saturdays from 6am to 9.30am.


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