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Johannesburg City Parks


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15 November 2006


Quick facts

City Parks takes care of 22 278 hectares of open space and green areas made up of:


  • 1,6 million street trees;
  • 6 603.3 hectares of developed parks and arterials
  • 7 500 hectares of pavements
  • 3 591hectares of undeveloped parks and open space
  • 2 343 parks
  • 174 hectares of water surfaces
  • 1 587 hectares of trails and river trails
  • 35 cemeteries consisting of 1 088 hectares
  • 22 nature reserves consisting of 1203 hectares
  • 15 bird sanctuaries consisting of 366 hectares
  • 7 hiking trails
  • 35 Cemeteries consisting of 1254 hectares
  • 3 crematoria
  • 4 environmental and education centres
  • 4 nursery



It may be known as the City of Gold, but with all its trees, Joburg's colour is definitely green. And keeping it lush and verdant is the job of Johannesburg City Parks, a section 21 company with the City as sole stakeholder.

Started in November 2000, it manages Jozi's parks, cemeteries, open green areas, street trees and conserved spaces. The Joburg Zoo also falls under City Parks.

Johannesburg started as a small shanty-town in 1886. In 1888 the Braamfontein Cemetery was opened, followed by Joubert Park, and by 1903 Johannesburg had 10 parks and one cemetery under the control of the town engineer.

More than a century later it is an urban forest with about 10 million trees and over 2 000 developed parks. One of these parks, the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens in the north-west of the city, is a world-class haven of South African flora and a favourite weekend retreat for Joburg residents.

As the custodian of this green heritage, City Parks' aim is for a greener environment for the present community and future generations. It is committed to upholding and maintaining Johannesburg's 'green crown' and it will continue to manage the parks portfolio in a manner ensuring Johannesburg remains one of the greenest cities in the world.

The mayoral committee member for community development,Chris Vondo, is responsible for overseeing the City Parks.

Johannesburg City Parks has its own website.

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