Johannesburg Roads Agency
Johannesburg Roads Agency


10 November 2006

JRA at work 

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA), a self-contained company owned by the City, is the agency responsible for the design, maintenance, repair and development of Johannesburg's road network and stormwater infrastructure, including bridges and culverts, traffic lights and signage.

What is an agency and how does it work?

AS the City tries to run on more efficient, business-like lines, various services have been reorganised into self-contained "utilities" and "agencies". Utilities have been formed for services that can be charged directly to individual consumers, such as electricity and water, while agencies have been created to look after the City's roads and parks. These agencies then charge the City Council for services rendered. The Johannesburg Roads Agency is run by a managing director and a board of directors who report to the City Manager.

Johannesburg Roads Agency 

Why is this a benefit to the ratepayer? 

Previously roads and stormwater services were fragmented across Greater Johannesburg's five councils. This led to confusion about who was responsible for what and resulted in differing standards across the Johannesburg region. With the agency being run on strictly business lines, the idea is that more roads will be built and maintained within its existing budget.


FOR information or to make a complaint, phone 0860 562 874. 
Other contact details are:

Head office
Tel: 011 298 5000
Fax: 011 298 5178



What else does the JRA do?


AS well as looking after Johannesburg's roads and stormwater infrastructure, the Johannesburg Roads Agency is responsible for street lighting, traffic signals (which previously fell under the electricity department) and road markings (previously in the care of the traffic department). 
The Johannesburg Roads Agency looks after:

7 224km of roads (5% in poor or very poor condition) 
3 943km of stormwater drains 
320 bridges 
7 100 000m of footpaths (33% in poor condition) 
129 000 street lights 
1 561 traffic light installations. 
12 551km of kerbing

In 1995, Johannesburg had 1 024 843 registered vehicles.


Who is responsible for the pavement outside my property?


THE Johannesburg Roads Agency is responsible for the hard surfaces, while Johannesburg City Parks deals with plantings. Homeowners may plant up the pavement area outside their properties as long as they leave a 1.6m strip for pedestrians. Phone 0860 562 874 for more information.

What should I do if a traffic light is out of order?

REPORT out-of-order traffic lights to Joburg Connect on 0860 562 874.


What if I have problems with street lighting or overflowing stormwater drains?


PHONE the Joburg Connect call centre on 0860 562 874 to report all road-related problems. Your complaint will be logged and dealt with as quickly as possible. Street lighting problems are still handled by City Power.

What is the JRA doing about potholes?

YOU can use the telephone number 0860 562 874 to report potholes. The Johannesburg Roads Agency aims to fix potholes on arterial roads and motorways within three working days, and potholes on local roads within five working days



Last Updated on 30 January 2013