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​​​​Annual reports 2006/2007

The 2007 Annual Report

City @ work: annual report 2007 [3Mb]
City@ work: group annual financial statements for year ended 30 June 2007 [3Mb]

The 2006/07 Annual ReportPart I:
Annual Report [524kb]

AG's Performance Report [1.6Mb]

Group Annual Financial Statements [835kb]

The 2005/06 Annual Report

Annual Report [1Mb]

AG's Report on Financial Statements [40Kb]

AG's Performance Report [44Kb]

Audit Committee Chairperson Statement [19Kb]

Consolidated Group Financial Statements [1Mb]

​The 2004/05 Annual Report
Part I:
Annual Performance Reports [1.1Mb]

Consolidated Group Financial Statements [1Mb]


Part II:
MOE Compliance Report [342kbb]

Part III:

AG's Report on Group Financial Statements [548kb]

AG's Report on PMS [54kb]