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​​•2011 Integrated Town Planning Scheme
•2010 Draft Integrated Town Planning Scheme
•Strategic Integrated Transport Plan Framework
•Johannesburg Development Agency: Progress in the City 2004 [Acrobat format: 2.2Mb]
•Soweto Retail Strategy
•City Development Plan (2001)
•Development Planning, Transportation and Environment - Approved policies
•Land Release Policy [Adobe Acrobat format]
•Land Release for Outdoor Advertising Policy [Adobe Acrobat format]
•Johannesburg's Tourism Strategy

•Waste Management By-Law Presentation [PDF, 418]
•Integrated Waste Management Policy [PDF, 439kb]
•Integrated Waste Management Plan [PDF, 3Mb]
•Air Quality reports
•State of the Environment Report (April 2003)
•The Johannesburg Call ( Joint statement by local government leaders at the World Summit)
•Development Bank of Southern Africa Limited and City of Johannesburg Draft Loan Agreement
•Information Statement DBSA Final
•Constitutional Court ruling on landlord-tenant obligations to city councils (October 2004)
•Debtor's Book SPV announcement [Acrobat format: 19Kb]
•Retirement fund transformation
•Transformation of Pension Funds in the City

Information document concerning the proposal by the City of Johannesburg and it's utilities, agencies and corporatised entities ("UAC's") on the transformation of retirement funding arrangements for employees.​

Loan Agreements