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23 June 2008

Expanded Social Package (ESP)

This rebate applies to owners of residential properties, South African Citizens who have limited income and who are not pensioners, but can show that his or her annual income falls below the limit determined by Council.


The owner must apply for the Expanded Social Package and re-register every six months with such proof as the Council may reasonably require to substantiate any entitlement to a rebate contemplated in this category. If the client does not re-register, he/she will not receive continued rebates.


The conditions are as follows:


(i) The owners must own and occupy the property concerned, reside within the boundaries of the City of Joburg. Their individual monthly income should not exceed R 4783.00 (This changes annually on 01 November in line with the CPIX).


(ii) The owners must achieve a score on the City of Johannesburg Poverty Index as specified below. The extent of the rebate will depend on the applicant's score on the City of Johannesburg Poverty Index:


• greater than zero but not exceeding 34 points: 70% of the current monthly rate;


• greater than 35 points: 100% of the current monthly rate.


(iii) The value of the property may not exceed R450 000.00


In order to receive this rebate, the owner must register at the following Revenue Customer Interface Centre walk in centres.


- ESP sites.pdf


Pensioners on the Expanded Social Package

Pensioners who receive the ESP metered and non-metered service rebates will not receive the pensioner property rates rebate automatically, they must apply for pensioner property rates rebate, using the pensioner property rates application form. The pensioner rebate is applicable from the date of the application and will remain valid for the duration of the valuation roll which is ending, 30 June 2017. Subsequent to that, the pensioner will be required to re-apply following the normal process.

 It is important to note that the pensioner must re-register for other ESP rebates every six months.

 Click here on how to apply for a pensioner rebate.

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Last Updated on 30 June 2016