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23 June 2008


Meter readings


We appreciate your security concerns about allowing strangers onto your property, which is why meter readers must be clearly identifiable. If you are unsure about your meter reader, always ask to see his or her Joburg Water identity card.

ATER supply services are dependent on readings taken from each consumer’s water meter.

Joburg Water sends out meter readers on a monthly basis to read the domestic meters across the city.

Each area has a meter reading schedule, which can be obtained from the Joburg Call Centre on 0860 562 874.

Submitting your own reading

While we do not offer an online meter reading facility, you can submit your meter reading telephonically. Contact our Call Centre on 0860 562 874.

Meter reading table
Joburg customers should check when their meters will be read and when they will be billed. For those submitting their own reading please make sure it is ONE week before the billing date. Download reading schedule here.

Your meter will normally be placed on the wall close to your front boundary line, in a meter box.

If you cannot find the meter contact the Joburg Call Centre on 0860 562 874, for assistance. Meter location details are also available from Joburg Water on 011 688 1500.

Each meter has its own individual number, which will form part of the recording process.
Once you are registered, you must link your account number to your profile by entering the PIN Number printed on your most recent statement.

Select the specific meter on your account and note the reading.

We do check the consumption against your consumption history, and if your reading is particularly high or low, you will need to give us a reason for the difference.

Your reading will be accepted, but will be verified by our meter readers.

Your reading will stay in the system until the next billing cycle. Your reading will then be used to bill you.

You can enter multiple readings during the month, we will keep a history of all them, but only the latest one at time of billing will be used.

The best time to submit your meter readings is about 15 days before the payment due date. So if your due date is 1st, then your reading should be recorded on 15th.


Reading your meter

These are of the most common domestic meters. They show exactly how your water consumption is recorded.

Four Dialer meters
Step 1 - Record the Meter Number e.g. 203378
Step 2 - Read the black digits from the meter clock e.g. 0631

Five Dialer meters
Step 1 - Record the Meter Number e.g. 203378
Step 2 - Read the black digits from the meter clock e.g. 00631



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Last Updated on 12 November 2014