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The Joburg Students Council
Brenda Andrews

The Joburg Student is a programme of the Speaker of Council in the City of Johannesburg. The Student Council was established with the express purpose of allowing the City a forum in which to interact with our future leaders.

The launch of the Joburg Student Council took place in 2008 with the objective that the council be inclusive and representative of the demographics of the city and be comprised of school going youth.                                                                                                                                         


The Speakers of Council of the City of JHB, Councillor Vasco da Gama and Joburg Student Speaker Cordelia Verster.SCSpeakerofCouncil

The objectives of the Council is to:

  • To create an awareness of the importance of civic responsibility through skills and leadership development
  • To create a platform for the youth where ongoing dialogue and discussion on issues affecting them is encouraged
  • To instill an awareness and interest in the affairs of local government
  • To develop and encourage a sense of volunteerism in the youth and demonstrate its importance for communities, the city and the country
  • To develop in the youth the concept of “Model Citizen” as being one who is aware of constitutional rights and obligations
  • To develop a new generation of local government practitioners who are knowledgeable in civic issues and the functioning and structures of local government 


Heritage, Teddy bears and giving back… 


Julie Timm

The day dawned bright and clear as student councillors from Region A-G made their way to their pick up points clutching armfuls of teddy bears and soft cuddly toys for the teddy bear drive.

A project, initiated by the junior mayor: Councillor Teddy Mathekga, in which the student councilors were encouraged to collect, clean and mend soft, cuddly toys for children in need. Over 200 toys were collected at the Sophiatown-styled Heritage day celebration which took place at the Holy Family Convent in Parktown.

The Student Mayor explained that the objectives of the Teddy Bear drive were to:

  • Collect soft toys and funds for donation to the Teddy Bear Clinic
  • Develop and encourage a sense of volunteerism
  • Create an awareness and interest in civic duty and responsibility

The programme objectives were taken seriously and the councillors provided a colourful collection of soft toys towards the drive. The entrance fee raised a further amount of R1500 for the Teddy Bear Clinic. The Speaker of Council, Councillor Vasco da Gama congratulated the councilors on the successful initiative. He went on to say that the spirit of volunteerism and giving back in the community was being lead successfully by young, dedicated people.

Cllr Nazley Sharif, pictured in the photo above spoke proudly of the achievements of the student councillors during the current 2016- 2017 term of office.

Cultural items, drama and jazzy musical numbers rendered at the event, showcased even more of the talents of this fabulous group of Joburg’s special young leaders!


City of Joburg Student Mayor Teddy Mathekga initiates a successful Teddy Bear Drive! 

The Joburg Student Council is made up of an interesting melting pot of learners from diverse schools, backgrounds and cultures.

The Student Council is therefore inclusive and representative of the demographics of the City. Through our application process, there is a drive to ensure that all schools within the City are invited to participate. The following schools form part of the Student Council and they are selected from Region A (which starts at Midrand) to Region G which ends in Orange Farm. Learners on the Council are representative of the following schools within the City:

Government schools
Former Model C schools
Private schools
Religious schools
Schools from informal settlements.

The learners on the Student Council will in their two year term of office be exposed to the following interactive workshops on Leadership:

Creating leaders of substance
The structure of Council within in the City
Historical Tours
Getting to know yourself
Democracy Education
The use of Social Media and Technology
Personal Branding
Protocol and Etiquette
Listening skills
Acts and Masks
Healthy Lifestyles

Programmes aimed at Skills Development:


Project Management skills
Debating skills
Creative art
Writing skills
Organisational skills

Participation in City Events:


State of the City Address

The Student Council programme promotes Volunteerism which include:
Identification of institutions and communities to do volunteer work (orphanages, old age homes, other NGO’s)

Outreach drives
(Toiletry, toy, food and clothing) to those who are less fortunate

Tours of the City:
Visiting of historical sites and institutions (tour of Constitution Hill, Soweto, Apartheid Museum, Inner City, Cradle of Human Kind)
Educating learners about the history of their City and steps to preserve historical sites

International and Local Exchanges:
USA, Germany
Cape Town

011 407 -7505 

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