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City's new General Valuation Roll
26 October 2007

Joburg property owners will be able to inspect the City's draft valuation roll - which for the first time is based on market indicators - from Monday.

The Valuation Objection period closed on 27 May 2008 after the roll was open for public inspection for 90 days. Please note that the Valuation Roll is currently being updated during the objection review process. The Valuation Services Directorate will inform you in writing of the outcome of your objection. The Valuation Roll search facility has been temporarily disconnected until the objection process has been finalised. After the Valuation Roll has been updated, the Valuation Roll search facility will be made available again.

THE City has just completed the draft General Valuation Roll where, for the first time, property will be valued according to its market value.

In the past, property was valued according to land value.

The draft roll will be available for public inspection from Monday, 29 October, according to the City's director of valuation services, Werner Sarvari.

There are about 826 000 registered properties in the City, and the property rates levied by the City is the single most important basic revenue source for the City - about 20 percent of total income, says the City's director for rates and taxes, Erika Naude.

"We would like to encourage all property owners to visit the City's website at and check the draft valuation of their property. This is important because once the roll is finalised, objections can only take place through a specific, legally determined process," says Sarvari.

Once the valuation roll has been finalized, it will form the foundation of the property owners' monthly property rates bill.

Draft Rates Policy
THE implementation of the Municipal Property Rates Act, 2004, from 1 July 2008 will have far-reaching implications for property owners. It will change how the rates are set and who will have to pay.
Read more

Queries and comments can be emailed to the Valuation Services Directorate at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The new General Valuation roll will be implemented from 1 July 2008. This is in line with the new Municipal Property Rates Act.

Sarvari says the property boom of the past few years had definitely had an impact on the new roll.

According to mayoral committee member for finance and economic development, Parks Tau, high level estimates indicate that some property owners in the City could see their rates bill double as a result of this boom.

However, Naude says the estimates also show that many property owners will see their rates bill cut.

The City has, for the past three months, been calling for comment on a draft rates policy.

"We still want to hear suggestions from the residents of Joburg. For example, we have not had any comments about the impact of the policy on sectional title properties; some comments relate to the impact on pensioners, but no suggestions are offered as to the acceptable age and income to be considered." Naude says.

The draft rates policy sees some significant changes from the past:

  • From July 2008, rates will be levied on the market value of the property;
  • Individual sectional title property owners will received a rates bill for the first time;
  • Properties will be rated according to specific categories of properties based on existing zoning rights;
  • There will be no automatic rebates; organisations or individuals who qualify for a rebate will have to make a written request for the rebate to be applied to their property;
  • Pensioners who own properties worth more than R500 000 and/or have an income in excess of R5 000 will not qualify for any rebate;
  • Private schools will be liable to pay rates for the first time. The recommendation is 50 percent of the rateable tariff;
  • Properties that do not have a Certificate of Occupancy will remain on the tariff applicable to vacant land until such a certificate is produced;
  • Privately-owned sports clubs will be charged rates;
  • All properties valued at R15 000 or more will be charged rates; and
  • Implementation of the new rates will not be phased for properties where the increase is 25 percent or less.

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Last Updated on 17 February 2012