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New homes for Cosmo City Print E-mail
27 November 2009

Hlanganani Garden's is Cosmo City's first social rental housing development

A new townhouse complex, offering social rental housing, is a "quiet and very chilled" place to live, say tenants.

COSMO City's first social rental housing development, Hlanganani Gardens, was officially opened on Wednesday, 25 November with a tree-planting ceremony.

Tenants have already moved in to their new rented homes in the complex. Hlanganani was developed by the Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC), its first new built project outside the inner city.

Pat Lephunya, the chairperson of Johannesburg Housing Company
Pat Lephunya, the chairperson of Johannesburg Housing Company

Speaking about the symbolism of planting a tree, Elize Stroebel, the chief executive of the JHC, said: "A tree provides a home and shelter to many different creatures and each of these creatures, in their own way, contribute to the life of the tree and to the lives and livelihoods of their fellow creatures.

"Here too, at Hlanganani, people from many different walks of life will come together to live as one community and within the broader community of Cosmo City. We trust that they and their children and their neighbours will grow strong and prosper here together. We welcome them also to the greater JHC community."

Established in 1995, the JHC has developed 25 buildings so far; this is equivalent to about 3 000 rental units housing about 9 000 people.

"This development marks a milestone not only for the JHC, but also for Cosmo City, in that this is the first social housing to be made available in this mega development project," said Pat Lephunya, the chairperson of the company. "It also marks a milestone for the government in that Hlanganani represents a first in the development of social housing within one of the mega projects initiated at national level, as part of the broader human settlements and housing delivery programme."

The units at Hlanganani Gardens have a touch of style and elegance, offering a sanctuary which expresses the warm feeling of home. Amenities on site include a children's playground, a learning centre, landscaped grounds and secure courtyard parking.

Matshidiso Mosia, a tenant in the complex, was very happy to be at the opening. "I am joyful that we as tenants were invited to be part of this. I have been living here since 1 October when the complex opened up and I really like it here. It is quiet and very chilled. I lived in Diepsloot before and the environment there is very different to this one here."

As the first social rental housing development at Cosmo City, this townhouse complex of two- and three-storey walk-up buildings adds another housing option to the continual development of RDP housing. It offers people a chance to rent a home in a well-located area that is close to employment opportunities in the northern suburbs.

Cosmo City also has an established public transport network and four schools. Shopping centres and other neighbourhood amenities are being developed.

The government has recognised that social rental housing can make a valuable contribution to the development of integrated human settlements in overall housing delivery. Hlanganani demonstrates this as part of the massive housing development that is Cosmo City.

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Last Updated on 06 January 2010