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More changes to Joburg roads Print E-mail
26 March 2010

Sanral at work on the N1 between Atterbury and the R21

There will be temporary lane closures on the N1 going on for the next month, while the third phase of changes to the Rivonia Interchange opens this weekend.

MAJOR changes are scheduled for Joburg roads such as the milling of asphalt along the N1 between John Vorster and Botha avenues, the opening of an extension at the Rivonia Interchange and a temporary lane closure on the N1 at the Allandale Interchange.

Construction on the N1
Construction on the N1
The South African Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) has announced that these three sites are scheduled to be affected as part of its Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP), which is aimed at easing traffic congestion.

There will be temporary lane closures along the N1 at the Allandale Interchange between 7am and 12pm on Sunday, 28 March. These lane closures are necessary so that a surfacing seal can be constructed on the road surface.

The northbound carriageway will be reduced to one lane only, but only over a distance of about 2 000 metres.

Lanes will only be closed, however, if weather conditions are favourable for the work to be done. The lanes will be reopened as soon as the work is completed and the surfacing is safe to allow traffic on it, says Wanda Cloete, the project manager for communications at Sanral.

The milling scheduled along the N1 between John Vorster and Botha avenues will begin on the north- and southbound carriageways and will continue for the next month. It is necessary as the existing layer of asphalt is nearing its end and needs to be replaced, says Cloete.

An asphalt surface layer acts as a wearing course and sealant to the layers underneath. The thickness and types of layers used are dependent on the expected frequency of vehicles and their weight on the road.

The new surface will consist of a bitumen rubber stone seal followed by a bitumen rubber asphalt layer. This new covering is expected to have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years before major repairs are required.

At the same time, vertical edges between milled and existing un-milled surfaces with extensive height differences will be bevelled to provide an even transition from one to the other for traffic. The milled road will also be swept to remove all loose material before it is reopened to vehicles.

Motorists are cautioned to observe road signs and to drive slowly at the correct following distances. Temporary road signs and variable messaging signs will also be used, warning of the road conditions, says Cloete.

Other road construction includes an extension to the northbound off-ramp at the Rivonia Interchange, which will be open to traffic over the weekend of 27 and 28 March.

The Rivonia Interchange provides access from the N1 to Rivonia, Sandton and Sunninghill. The improved interchange has had to include upgrades and new ramps, which are being opened in phases between March and April 2010.

According to Sanral, new ramps are being installed to cut right-turn movements at the ramp terminals. To allow construction access to the confined space at the Rivonia Interchange, it is necessary to phase the upgrading and in some cases open temporary ramps.

The third phase of the interchange upgrade will be open to traffic over the weekend of 27 and 28 March. This includes an extension of the current northbound off-ramp to provide a new free flow off-ramp on to Rivonia Road south.

Traffic on the N1 travelling north towards Pretoria, wanting to access Rivonia Road south, will exit the freeway at the current northbound off-ramp but will have to diverge (keep right) after crossing the bridge over the Braamfonteinspruit.

The existing left diverge terminating on Witkoppen Road will now only provide access to Witkoppen Road (west and east) towards Fourways and Buccleuch, as well as Rivonia Road north towards Sunninghill. The new right deviation will provide dedicated access to Rivonia Road south towards Sandton.

Motorists should note that each phased opening will change the layout and functioning of the interchange, which will result in substantial change to traffic patterns on Witkoppen and Rivonia roads, says Cloete.

People are urged to be patient during the construction and are advised to reduce speeds, observe road signs and exercise caution, while becoming familiar with the changes. Traffic signals will be adjusted to allow for the new traffic patterns. If required, traffic movements at the intersections will be controlled by pointsmen until traffic stabilises, she says.

Sanral apologises for any inconvenience that will be caused by these lane closures. They are deliberately scheduled on weekends to avoid affects on the major flow of traffic along the N1 during the normal working week.

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Last Updated on 30 April 2010