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Paying accounts

YOU can pay your account in cash or at a number of centres: 
at City Customer Service Centres;
at City paypoints;
at Standard Bank; (Frequently asked questions)
at EasyPay outlets; or even, at ATMs.

The City accepts credit and debit cards, excluding Diners Club Cards and American Express Cards.

You can also pay accounts electronically or by debit order.

The City will not be accepting cheque payments as from the 1st of September 2013 and at any customer service centers or 3rd party payments.

But remember, if you pay via a third party or the internet, your payment can take up to five days to reflect on your account.

Pay via online banking

If you have an online payments arrangement with your bank, you can have the City set up as a beneficiary of your bank account. The City's banking details are:
Bank: Standard Bank
Account: No bank details will be supplied only the unique beneficiary number alocated to COJ i.e. AA45
FAQ's for more information
Make sure payments are clearly marked for the City of Johannesburg.

Always use your nine-digit account number on your statement as the reference number when payments are made electronically.

Remember, payments must be made at least four days before the due date reflected on the statement. If payments are made after that date, they will only reflect on the following month's statement.



Debit order form
Download the automatic payment form for monthly water, electricity and rates accounts here [PDF, 26kb]

Pay by debit order
The most convenient method for you and the City is to pay by debit order. Special Debit Order forms are available from any of the Customer Service Centres.

Pay at an ATM machine
You can pay City accounts at any ATM machine. Take a copy of your municipal accounts slip into your bank, and ask to have the account linked to your ATM card. The bank will copy the codes on your slip and set up an ATM link. From then on, payment is as simple as transferring money to the City in the course of doing your usual ATM banking.

EasyPay outlets
For many people it is convenient to pay their City bills while doing their shopping. This can be done at EasyPay outlets, found at Pick 'n Pay, Shoprite Checkers, Spar, and the Post Office.

Remember, however, there is a delay in receiving payments from third parties. If you chose to use this method, please bear this in mind. A late payment may not be registered on your account and may result in a cut off of the particular service.

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