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South African restaurant guides Print E-mail
27 February 2007

Dining out | Historic restaurants | African restaurants | Vegetarian restaurants | Steakhouses

eating outIT'S not easy being a South African restaurant guide editor, given how brief the lives of many of the restaurants are, especially in the cities.

But the main guide is soldiering on, a web site version, with continual updates. And the online (and offline) feast doesn't end there - see further below, as well as in the box on the right.

Eat Out

Eat Out styles itself as "the restaurant guide of SA". The magazine – on sale in bookshops throughout the year - lists hundreds of restaurants across the country, in big cities and tiny dorps, with brief descriptions of each, and contact details. The Eat Out web site goes further, with customer reviews as well.

Wine Magazine's Top 100 Restaurants

This is probably the best of the guides if you're looking only for the best restaurants, not just somewhere you can find a pizza without having to drive too far. There are more than 100 restaurants listed – but nowhere near the hundreds listed in the other guides – and all are the best in their category.

Wine Magazine regularly puts up the restaurant reviews featured in the magazine - and allows you to search its reviews database by category or area.



Restaurant news, maps

News in the restaurant world is covered by several magazines – Style, Femina, House and Leisure among them – but the best by a long shot is Food and Home Entertaining. Features focus on new restaurants likely to be successful – or at least to stay in business until the next edition – chefs, and food trends in South Africa and abroad.

More restaurants, recipes & food news online

Includes a collection of over 10 000 recipes. The site is completely searchable and allows you to store recipes in your own online 'recipe book'.

Web-based magazine carrying articles about food in South Africa and abroad, including book reviews and recipes.

Diners Club SA
Use the handy restaurant search function to locate an eatery you already know or search for somewhere new and exotic.

Dining out
A guide to Joburg's restaurants with menus for over 750 restaurants online.

Eating out
A searchable restaurant guide for all food types.



Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs

Site of the international society devoted to fine dining. Lists events of the various baillages, or chapters - there are four in South Africa. These gatherings are usually black-tie dinners at top restaurants, but are occasionally more informal events.

South African Chefs Association
Mainly for professional chefs and restaurateurs. Offers links to chefs' associations worldwide, a job site with posts in South Africa and overseas, a list of industry events and food festivals, and pages by a range of chefs, most with recipes.

Homesick South Africans
Another site for expatriates. Among its offerings are recipes for biltong, including drawings and measurements for making your own biltong box. If that's too arduous, there's information on where to find the stuff overseas. 


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Last Updated on 10 January 2013