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AFDA Arts Alive International Student film festival and Film and Television career Exhibition
16 September 2008

AFDA's expo and International student film festival is an event which both celebrates South Africa's youthful film talent, and promotes the industry as a career destination for those still in school and those interested in post graduate film study. Visitors to this event will have the opportunity to attend a career expo where film and television sets are reconstructed and demonstrations are given by all the disciplines concerned in the process of film and television production. The demonstration is followed by a Question and Answer session conducted by current students at AFDA. The International film festival is the culmination of the Young Filmmaker's programme where the films of participating High schools are assessed by the audience. The filmmaker of the winning film receives a full bursary to study at AFDA. The International film festival also includes the screening of award winning international student films as well as AFDA student films.

Dates: 25th September 2008 - 27th September 2008
Time: 9am to 5pm
Entrance fee: Free

The AFDA Young Filmmakers Programme is a project launched by AFDA that is aimed at free education of High School children in filmmaking. This is where the scholars get the opportunity to get free classes in filmmaking and the opportunity to shoot their own 3-5 minute short films or Animations to compete for a full AFDA bursary. We aim at including as many Historically disadvantaged schools on the programme as possible.

AFDA: Educating Africa's filmmakers & actors since 1994 

AFDA is one of the leading outcomes-based film schools in the world and is listed by the Council on Higher Education as one of the top six private universities in South Africa.

In the course of a rich entrepreneurial history dating back to 1994, AFDA has earned a reputation as one of the leading institutions of its kind in the world today. Although our track record speaks for itself, we continually renew our commitment to facilitate an environment that develops high-quality human and intellectual property with the relevant skills to deal with the rigors of a fast-expanding and ever-changing entertainment industry.

At our fully equipped campuses in Johannesburg and Cape Town, we train graduates to contribute to one of the largest growth industries in the world: entertainment. In the globalised economy, cultural exchange is a valuable currency. AFDA graduates are taught to conceptualise, create and develop indigenous products and commodities for the local and international market.

Our students are educated not only to forge profitable and sustainable careers in this market, but are encouraged to develop themselves as employment providers - the cultural entrepreneurs of the future. Our alumni have reinvigorated their industries with the quality of their intellectual property, skill and talent. More than 90% of our Honours alumni are working and employed in their chosen field of specialization.

AFDA films are exhibited at numerous international festivals and have been broadcast worldwide, winning many prestigious awards, including the Student Oscar winner and Cannes festival finalist in 2006 and a SAFTA (South African Film and Television Award) in 2007 and 2008.

AFDA is a full member of CILECT - the International Association of Accredited Film and Television Schools.

For more information contact:
Werner Malherbe
Tel: +27 11 482 8345
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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