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Expanded social package

Expanded Social Package (Syasizana) is a City of Johannesburg programme to help indigent households.

Also called the Expanded Social Package, Siyasizana is a basket of benefits allocated to residents based on their level of poverty. It provides free basic services and poverty alleviation assistance.

The City of Johannesburg is updating its indigent register, the Expanded Social Package (ESP) and is calling on all eligible individuals to register for the (ESP) benefits for new registrations and re-registrations. This registration process is mandatory for new and existing beneficiaries which gives you access to the 6kl free basic water. 

To qualify for the ESP package you must:

• Be a South African citizen
• Must reside within CoJ Boundaries
• Monthly Income (0- income not exceeding R5 578.91 per month)

Documents Required for Registration?

• Proof of income (SASSA) Card AND 3 Months Latest Bank Statement/Sworn affidavit confirming that you do not have a bank account and no other source of income
• Identity document
• City of Johannesburg Rates and Taxes Account
• City Power Account/pre-paid Meter Card or Meter Number
• Eskom Account/prepaid Electricity Card or Meter Number
• Johannesburg Water Account/ Pre-paid Account Number (ITU Number on the receipt)

Re-registration process:

• Any individual whose benefits has expired or about to expire
• Individuals who may have recently registered
• The documents required for the re-registration process is the same as new registration
The Expanded Social Package (ESP) targets vulnerable residents in the City such as: the unemployed, youth, persons with disabilities, displaced persons, senior citizens, women and children.

People with different levels of need will qualify for different levels of subsidy according to the City’s measure of poverty. Individuals do not need to be account-holders to apply or a homeowner to qualify for the metered service benefits.

What are the benefits?

• Water subsidy
• Electricity subsidy

Other Rebates include Non-Metered Services:

For Pensioners (Aged 60 and above)

Rates on properties value under R2 000 000.00 (two million rand).
The account must be in the pensioner’s name.

For Working age Citizens and the Unemployed (Aged 18-59)
Rates rebates on properties valued under R450 000.00

Individuals will further qualify for referral for programmes and services offered by the City Of Joburg departments e.g. Skills Development, Social Service Interventions, Food Resilience, Youth Programmes, and Intervention Programmes for the Homeless etc.

Individuals must re–register every six (6) months for continued benefits. If there is any change in individual circumstances (income), physical address, account number, please visit your nearest ESP registration centre to update your information. Individuals can only register one (1) property to benefit from the ESP programme.

Individuals must register on or before the 15th of the month to receive benefits in the next month, failure to do so means that benefit pass through will reflect in the subsequent month.

City Power pre-paid account holders must activate their rebates after registering for the first time at City Power Head Office, 40 Heronmere Road, Reuven, Booysens.

*NB: A list of ESP Registration Centres citywide is attached. Registration Sites

City policy documents

Expanded social package policy [PDF, 311kb]

Expanded Social Package
Registration Sites

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Last Updated on 30 November 2017