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16 February 2009

THE trade and investment unit is responsible for export development, investment promotion and business liaison within the city. Its mandate is to support current and potential exporters to enter export markets, facilitate local and foreign direct investment in the city and assist the business community to liaise with officials and politicians of the City.

Investment promotion
The core areas of focus for the trade and investment unit are:

Investment promotion

Connecting you and your business

For inward investment into the City, the DED's Trade & Investment Promotion Directorate serves to connect your expanding business to our dynamic City. We've got the sector knowledge, the business information and the connections you need. The unit ensures you can get going quickly and easily to benefit as soon as possible from investing in Joburg, whether you're a business start-up, a logistics hub or utilising our City as a base for your African headquarters, as a springboard into the rest of the continent.

We'll help you find the exact right location and real estate, be it cost competitive land and premises in our urban development zone in the Inner City or state-of-the art offices in the sophisticated business centre of Sandton, home to the country's securities exchange, our investment, legal and consulting sectors and innumerable multinational branch offices.

The right incentives

We'll also connect you with the right partners – we understand you need not only the right location and real estate but also access to the people that can deliver the information, advice and support to make your operation here in our City profitable. We understand that foreign expansion is complex and while you might have the big picture, you're going to need detailed, substantive and accurate information to make the move as smooth as possible, to enable you to access the incentives offered by both our national and provincial government, to connect with the right prospective joint venture partners, to access financing for your projects – quite simply, to ensure you get the return on investment that you're aiming for by investing in our world-class African city.

Incentives offered by the City include the Urban Development Zone tax incentive (discussed in the Sectors section) and the Corridors of Freedom Initiative, which will let Joburgers live closer to their workplace and offers attractive incentives for investors. Our City is also committed to assist you to access available national incentives.

Fast Tracking

Large job-creating investment projects are now earmarked for fast-track decision-making and processing. The Investment Fast Tracking Committee (IFTC) was set up in 2014 to facilitate issues raised by investors and works with other city departments to resolve matters pertaining to large investments in the City. Its objective is to reduce turnaround times, thereby reducing the cost of business, attracting investment and creating jobs.

Contact details:

66 Jorissen Street,

Jorissen Place,15th Floor

Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Postal Address

PO Box 1049,

Johannesburg, 2017

Tel No: +27(0) 11 703 5522

Email: investment

Cost of doing business in Joburg
Download a presentation of the Cost of doing business in Joburg here.

For more information on how to invest in Joburg, click here.

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Last Updated on 14 October 2016