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The Troyeville Hotel Print E-mail
10 June 2010

CONTRARY to popular belief it is not only the quantity, or perhaps quality, of beer that makes a venue the ideal place for football fans to gather before, after or even during a match.

There are many factors to be considered. One of the most important is convenience. For fans attending a match proximity to the stadium is essential - and this is where the Troyeville Hotel has a distinct advantage.

If it was any closer to the Ellis Park Stadium, it would need a ticket. An easy five-minute walk is all it will take from bar counter to stadium gate.

Situated in the traditionally Portuguese area of Troyeville, the hotel also scores high on that other essential ingredient for a good venue - food. In fact the food is more important at this hotel than the rooms.

Whether it is a quick snack at the bar or a three-course meal, there is something to suit most tastes at the Troyeville. These tastes come with a distinct Portuguese flavour
so a quick snack is likely to be a prego and chips, and a main meal might feature peri-peri chicken or a large plate of prawns.

Fresh fish is a major feature and along with many other denizens of the deep on offer, you can munch on a tuna kebab or a barracuda steak.

If this sounds a bit fishy, then there are plenty of meat options also available for the fans to line their stomachs with before the nerve-wracking task of watching their team battling to progress in the World Cup.

There are two restaurants and a bar to choose from as venues to enjoy this feast. The Flamingo restaurant is the more family-oriented section, but fans will probably enjoy eating in the restaurant at the back of the hotel. This looks out over Ellis Park stadium with the classic view of the Johannesburg skyline - complete with looming Hillbrow tower - in the background. The roar of the crowd at the stadium can be heard through the open windows.

But what about the bar? ask the real fans. There's enough beer on tap and sport on the TVs to satisfy the most ardent fan, but unlike many modern "sports bars" the giant screen is not completely dominant here. Sure, there are enough screens to show any number of matches at the same time but it's not only dedicated sports fans bellying up to the bar counter (made of traditional old wood, of course).

From artists to artisans, you are likely to bump into a broad range of people at this bar so it is a great place for fans looking to get to know the people of this multi-cultural city better.

The food is great, the beer is cold, the atmosphere is eclectic and it is right next to the stadium - sounds like the perfect Joburg venue for football fans. No doubt there will be much debate (over a pint at the bar) about this.

A free lunch (at the Troyeville) for anybody coming up with somewhere that scores higher in all categories on the best bar barometer.

Troyeville Hotel
25 Bezuidenhout Street, Troyeville
Tel: 011 402 4193
Open: Mondays to Sundays 10am to 11pm or later


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Last Updated on 10 January 2013