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PAIA, 2000 (Act 2 of 2000) 

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Application requirements

Advertising signs [PDF, 59kb]
Banners and flags [PDF,72kb]
Blimps [PDF,43kb]
Cell masts [PDF,38kb]
Development boards[PDF,52kb]
Painted and mural signs [PDF,41kb]
Engineers letter [30kb]
Section 26: Transit Advertising [76kb]

Application form

Download [PDF, 29kb]

Contact us

Jack Sekgobela
Tel: 011 407 6062

Nokuthula Motau
Tel: 011 407 6032


Who has to submit an application?

Everyone - no person shall display or erect any advertising sign or hoarding or use any advertising sign or hoarding or use any structure or device as an advertising sign or hoarding without first having obtained the written approval of the council (unless the sign in question has been specifically exempted in the City's Outdoor Advertsing By-laws which were published under Local Authority Notice 1419, dated 13 June 2008).
Download the amendment application here [PDF, 22kb].

Once a sign has been approved by the council, it may not be altered, moved, re-erected, or any alteration made to the electrical wiring system (unless for repairs and maintenance) without applying to the council for further approval. 

What if someone fails to submit an application?

If you have chosen to erect an advertising sign or hoarding without having the application approved, an enforcement officer is entitled to enter your property and order construction to stop immediately. A court order could even be obtained for the structure to be removed, at your expense, and you would be liable for legal costs as well. In serious cases, you could be fined or sent to prison. 

Where can I get an application form?

You can get application forms online[PDF, 29kb] from the outdoor advertising department:
6th Floor
A Block
Metro Centre
158 Loveday Street

The office is open between 8am and 3pm.

How do I submit the application?

You submit the completed forms, together with the plans and supporting documentation, to the same department:
6th Floor
A Block
Metro Centre
158 Loveday Street

What does the council need from me before it considers my application?
  • A completed application form, signed by the owner of the property or his or her authorised representative (proof of authorisation is required) together with a copy of the registered title deed. The title deed can be obtained either from the attorneys who handled the transfer of the property, the financial institution that granted a first mortgage bond over the property, or the deeds office.
  • Where a company or an organisation such as a school or church submits an application for approval, a letter must be provided by the organisation authorising one person to sign the application form.
  • An artist's impression and elevations with measurements.
  • A locality plan of the area indicating the site.
  • A detailed site plan with measurements indicating the position of the sign.
  • A separate form also needs to be completed by a professional engineer or a technologist registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa, who takes responsibility for the structural stability of the structure.
  • A zoning certificate with a copy of the most recent amendment scheme, a zoning map of the area and an S G diagram of the property is to be furnished.

For further details on the specific requirements for different categories of signs, refer to the panel alongside, application requirements

How much does it cost to submit an application?

A standardised set of tariffs applies. Fees can be paid at the cashier, either by cash or by bank guaranteed cheque only (there is no credit card facility).

Tariffs for 2016/17 Financial Year
Pre Assessment Checklist for Advertising Signs (Billboards)
Pre Evaluation Checklist for Development Boards
Outdoor Advertising By-Laws




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