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Not only South Africa's economic hub, Joburg is also an urban forest with over 10-million trees


Visual overview of the Department of Economic Development
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he City is a centre of entrepreneurship. It has the highest rate of employment and business activity you’ll find anywhere in the country. As a result it has the biggest population in-migration as entrepreneurs and job-seekers, ranging from multinationals in state-of-the-art High Rises to the informal traders on the sidewalks, come to the City, attracted by the business opportunities it offers. Not surprisingly, 74% of the Head Quarters of the stock exchange listed companies are based in Johannesburg, giving it the largest concentration of major corporate headquarters anywhere in Africa. 

Currently Johannesburg ranks 104th out of 13,420 cities as an investment destination (i.e. the top 1%). The City is also the No.1 City in Africa in terms of outward investment, and has the highest concentration of banks and financial services, making it an ideal forward operating base for any serious investor.

The City’s Department of Economic Development (CoJ-DED) is focused on supporting and promoting private sector investment into the City. In order to achieve that, CoJ-DED comprises of the following Directorates and Business areas:
A. Fast Tracking Committees (assisting major investment projects)
B. Integrated Regional Economic Development (linking investments to spatial programmes)
C. Trade and Investment Promotion (promoting exporters and investors)
D. Sustainable Employment Facilitation (supporting small businesses)
E. Joburg Tourism
The City’s Economic Development Strategy (adopted in September 2015) is driven by five key interventions:

  • Service delivery for business – ‘enhancing basic services that are most important to businesses and investment’
  • Creation of priority economic zones in the City
  • Creation of business clusters in priority sectors and areas
  • Fast-tracking decision making for large, job-creating investments
  • Establishing additional small and medium size enterprise hubs in the City


The department’s vision is “a city economy that plays a role as the key economic hub on the continent, and a national economic-growth leader, by ensuring sustainable shared growth that benefits all”.

Its mission, in terms of the City’s Growth and Development Strategy, is “to actively intervene in the city’s economy to shape conditions for accelerated local economic growth that is sustainable and ensures that the benefits and opportunities are equitably spread to all its citizens”.


The department’s core values are:department of economic development is the command centre for economic growth, engaging with all role-players to create an enabling environment for accelerated, shared and sustainable growth. 

Structure of the department
There are 10 units within the department:

The department is the command centre for economic growth in the City, engaging proactively with all role players to create the enabling environment for accelerated, shared and sustainable growth. It is working towards achieving a nine percent economic growth by 2014, and it is envisaged that this will enable the rest of the country’s economy to grow by at least six percent, to attain Asgi-SA’s objectives.

Value statement

The department's core values are:

  • Vigorously promoting equal access to economic opportunities
  • Participatory decision making where key decisions affecting stakeholders are largely taken by consensus
  • High level of professionalism amongst staff
  • Strict adherence to the South African government Batho Pele principles
  • Running a cohesive and efficient administration
  • Serving as a role model for other departments and stakeholders in terms of its commitment to service delivery 

Want to invest in Joburg?

Economic Development Strategy for the City of Johannesburg

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