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Failure to pay accounts
The City is taking a tough line on non-payment of accounts.

If the balance on your latest account shows an overdue amount, you have already been scheduled for a cut-off because your account is 30 days overdue. To avoid being cut off, you must pay your account immediately.  As stipulated in the Credit Control and Debt Collection by-law the City is not compelled to provide a final demand notice or provide a 14 day grace period. 

The City may restrict or terminate the supply of water, electricity and refuse removal or discontinue any other service to any premises whenever a user of any service fails to make full payment on the due date or fails to make acceptable arrangements for the repayment of any services, rates or taxes or other amounts due.  

If you do not respond immediately your municipal utility services will be cut off. In this instance you will have to settle the full outstanding amount before services will be reinstated. This can only be done at Thuso House Customer Service Centre, 61 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein.


Disconnection/reconnection fees:

Joburg Water
Final Demand Notice: R83,14 including VAT

For the removal of an unused meter and consequent disconnection of supply: R754,64 including VAT 

For the reconnection of supply which has been cut off:

  • Cut off, Level 1 - Disconnection and reconnection at the water meter: R1 177,35 including VAT
  • Cut off, Level 2 - Disconnection and reconnection at the water mains supply: R2 372,60 including VAT
  • Disconnection/recollection of supply through a prepayment meter for an incidence of tempering of the service installation and/or meter: R1 177,35 including VAT
  • Disconnection/reconnection of supply through a prepayment meter for an incidence of vandalism of the service installation and/or meter: R2 372,60 including VAT

City Power

For each disconnection and each reconnection of supply:

  • Disconnection notification only: R145,28  including VAT
  • Request by customer: R685,14  including VAT
  • Due to charges in arrear: R685,14 including VAT
  • Illegally reconnected conventional supply: R2 635,29 including VAT
  • Meter tampering/prepaid meter bypass/illegal connection: R2635,29  including VAT

Settling overdue accounts after services are disconnected

In the event that services have been removed, you will have to make full payment of the outstanding balance and show your proof of payment before services will be reconnected.

All accounts have to be paid in cash at 61 Jorissen Street, Thuso House, Braamfontein. A clearance certificate for services must be obtained from the Credit Management department to enable the customer to re-apply for the services at the utilities.

If you can’t pay the amount in full you must make an arrangement to pay the amount off over time. You must then come in person to a Customer Service Centres in Braamfontein, Roodepoort, Randburg, Sandton or Midrand, to make an arrangement.

Once payment has been made, or an arrangement has been set up, call Joburg Connect call centre on 0860 562 874 to register your payment and to get a reference number.

Fax proof of payment, with your reference number, to 011 358 3164. Call back in 30 minutes to confirm if your reconnection has been processed.

Reconnection of services can take up to 72 hours. Proof of payment received before 4.30pm will ensure same-day processing, otherwise it will take place the next day.



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