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Office of the Speaker Print E-mail
29 May 2007

AS the chairperson of the City council, the Speaker is the promoter and protector of democracy, facilitating debate and arrival at consensus within the Standing Rules of Council and ensuring ethical conduct by councillors.

Office of Speaker launches Green Paper on Citizenship
The Office of the Speaker is calling for comments on a Green Paper on Citizenship [PDF: 385kb]. This is aimed at enhancing public participation and deepening democracy. A workshop on 9 Feburary will also be held on the paper. For more information contact Brenda Andrews on 011 407 7505. Comments can be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The Speaker is also the head of the legislative arm of the council.

The Speaker plays two important roles:

  • within the council
  • in building democracy

The Speaker presides over council meetings and makes sure the council meets at least every quarter.

The Speaker also maintains order during meetings and ensure that such meetings are held according to the council's rules and regulations.

Another of the Speaker's duties is to assess the needs of the councillors, arrange suitable training to develop political governance capacity and improve individual skills.

In order to fulfil the role of building democracy, the Speaker manages community participation in local government, particularly through the ward committees, by ensuring they function effectively.

The Speaker has to ensure public consultation, involvement and participation in the affairs of the municipality.

The Speaker is guided by several overarching objectives, including good governance, service delivery excellence and Batho Pele (People First).

Section 59 of the Municipal Systems Act defines the roles and power of the Speaker.

Delegated roles are carried out through the three departments in the Office of the Speaker:

  • Community participation department
  • Councillor affairs department
  • Council and committees department
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Last Updated on 06 January 2013