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16/09/2015: The City of Johannesburg's summer safety/festive campaign
16 September 2015
The City of Johannesburg will commence its Summer Safety/Festive Season Campaign with an educational drive.

Unlike previous years when the Safety Campaign began with intensive operations, MMC for Public Safety Councillor Sello Lemao says, “We have taken a decision to educate the public and raise awareness of health, road, water, fire and building violations and offences through information blitzes and in this way get cooperation from residents, business, schools, churches, taverns and nightclubs in each Ward prior to conducting safety operations.

A large number of officials from various City Departments will be distributing pamphlets, talking to the public and even hosting education workshops on the various Bylaws and related penalties.

He said that it was equally important for communities to protect the police, “these are men and women with families just like the rest of us and this brazen attitude to attack police is just not acceptable”

As the rainy season begins and Festive season draws closer, the City wants to encourage everyone, residents, commuters, revellers and business to share the responsibility of safety and not only leave it to the police and emergency services.

MMC Lemao says, “We want to send out and even stronger message to criminals that the police are in charge of the City and we are going to use all available means to stop them”.

The Inner City will particularly be in the police spotlight as it is part of the central business district with thousands of people living and working in it.

A multi disciplinary agency approach is being mooted to look at amongst other things cleanliness, water leaks, littering, illegal connections, business licences, infrastructure and public disorder.

MMC Lemao said that talks were also underway with Province, SAPS, SARS and other law enforcement agencies to tackle crime in a concerted effort to make Johannesburg as safe as possible for residents and visitors.

Call: 10111, 011 375 5911 or 10177 for police or emergencies

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Last Updated on 16 September 2015