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02/12/2015: Vulindlel'eJozi Youth Empowerment Programme – Q1 Results
02 December 2015
Up to 100 000 young people have registered for Vulindlel’eJozi – a youth empowerment programme launched on 16 June 2015 by the City of Johannesburg in partnership with Harambee Youth Accelerator.

The programme, which is aimed at reaching 200 000 youth, will see the registered young people benefit from the increasing number of opportunities that include entry-level job training and placement, on-line further education and training, as well as entrepreneurship skills development.

A total of 45 000 of these opportunities have already been secured in the first quarter of the programme following its launch, and awaiting candidates, who are still going through the matching process to the various opportunities.

Approximately 7, 000 candidates are already being supported by the programme in the 1st quarter, these include the placement of over 1, 000 candidates into permanent entry level jobs within Harambee’s network of employers and across various sectors of the economy.

These Vulindlel’eJozi’s first quarter milestones come at a time when the City of Johannesburg’s efforts to harness the power of the youth to drive sustainable economic growth in the metropolitan were recognised by The Economist in a study commissioned by the City Foundation.

The study included Johannesburg among 35 cities around the world whose youth development initiatives, particularly Vulindlel’eJozi and Jozi@Work, were found to be effective and aggressively harnessing the power of the youth to drive sustainable economic growth.

The comprehensive findings are contained in a report titled “Accelerating Pathways: Youth Economic Strategy Index 2015 – A Decision Maker’s Tool for Advancing Young People Opportunities in Cities”.

The City of Johannesburg and Harambee youth development and empowerment interventions are designed to break down barriers to opportunities for young people aged aged between 18 and 34 - with at least a Grade 10.

The core value proposition is to enable the youth to access meaningful opportunities at no cost to themselves. Vulindlel’eJozi is about facilitating collaboration between the City, communities and the private sector to create pathways for youth in a bid to tackle the 33% youth unemployment rate in Johannesburg, which is almost double that of the adult population.

The roll-out of Vulindlel’eJozi approach has been to use partnerships to activate a maximum amount of opportunities while utilising local demand-led and cost-effective solutions for readying youth for the available opportunities.

The programme has focused on activating a wide and diverse selection of opportunities specifically in communities that have high levels of depravation and unemployment, and that wouldn’t normally have access to many opportunties.

Vulindlel’eJozi additional information;

The Vulindlel'eJozi programme is in the process of being institutionalised to ensure that it can continue scaling up the number of opportunities that are available to the young citizens of Johannesburg. The diversity of opportunities that have been activated under the Vulindlel’eJozi are key to the long term success of the programme and focus on the following four key success areas:

SmartStart (Early Childhood Development Programme)

The SmartStart programme is an opportunity for youth to build a sustainable micro-franchise business by training to be professional Childhood Development Practitioners offering Quality Early Childhood Development Facilities within their communities.
There is immediate potential to place at least 1000 young people by June 2016. This programme will also benefit children between the ages of 3 to 4 who are currently underserved.

MOOV (Massive Online Open Varsity)

An opportunity for up to 25,000 non matriculants, matriculants and post matriculants to complete a range of courses from foundation to tertiary levels in a nnetwork of MOOV labs to be expanded to 11 library sites across the City within targeted communities. There is established infrastructure, systems and curricula to provide local access to just-in-time, demand-linked, e-learning programmes, which is a cost-effective solution to ensuring that the youth in deprived communities can develop the skills required for the growing digital economy. The first MOOV centre has been established at the Orange Farm Library with an intake of over 750 candidates.

A Digital Skills Curriculum has also been developed in partnership with Google Reach and is currently being piloted at the Orange Farm MOOV. Microsoft and the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (Wits) are core programme partners in this regard.

Jozi Digital Ambassadors Programme

A total of 3000 unemployed youth from the City are undergoing training to become Jozi Digital Ambassadors to train residents to use the free services available on the Maru A Jozi portal. During this period these ambassadors will be trained and provided with equipment by the University of Johannesburg (UJ). They will also be supported by UJ students who will act as their mentors in order to assist them on their journey as ambassadors.

SAMSA Programme

An opportunity to attract youth to the maritime sector while making an immediate positive impact on their lives and their communities in a substantive way.
The youth are set to be placed into formal opportunities aboard Cruise ships and will gain valuable hospitality and retail skills. This is one of the projects that is being implemented as part of Operation Phakisa in partnership with the South African Maritime Safety Authority.
There is a pilot of 25 candidates already running in Orange Farm and this will ramp up gradually from 2016 to 120; 350; 700; 1400, and finally 2800 in 2020.


Issued by:
Phindile Chauke
Mayoral Communications
Cell. 072 360 1533
Email. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator
Bryony Maxwell
Cell 084 777 2901
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Last Updated on 02 December 2015