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30/05/2016: Lenasia Scholar Transport Exchange Facility to benefit school children and demonstrates caring towards neighboring communities
30 May 2016
The Transport Department is developing a Scholar Transport Exchange Facility in Lenasia to provide a much needed service to the many school children from Soweto who use transport services to and from Lenasia to attend schools in the neighbourhood. The main form of transport for these children is scholar transport kombis. 
Currently, these Scholar Transport Kombis drop and collect children at the corner of Nirvana Drive and Flamingo Street, Lenasia. School children transfer from one kombi to another to be transported further to other schools in Lenasia. It is very unsafe for school children, the scholar transport kombis and motorists in general since this happens in an unsafe and confined space within the road reserve.
To improve safety, parents, scholar transport service providers and local community members requested the City to provide a safe facility. After extensive investigation and consultation to determine the best location, it was agreed on the corner Nirvana Drive and Flamingo Streets. 
The City has designed not only a facility for 80 taxis to drop off and collect learners in the morning and afternoon, but will also upgrade the surrounding park with a five a side soccer field, outdoor gym equipment, a playground with ablution facilities and other recreational facilities, new lighting, benches and bins, paved walkways and additional greening. This will be for the benefit of the whole community. 
Between 2011 and 2015, 25 stakeholder consultation meetings were held with various structures representing community interests to discuss the facility. Included in the 25 meetings are three broad community meetings whereby the community at large was invited to discuss the facility, its purpose and how is it going to be used.
In addition to the resident consultation, the following stakeholders were consulted: Nural Islam Centre; 
•School Principal Forum from Lenasia;
•Scholar Transport Operators in Lenasia;
•Abu Asvat Foundation;
•Ahmed Kathrada foundation;
•Provincial Department of Roads and Transport; and
•City’s MEs including City Parks, City Power, Joburg Water and the JRA
The main concern of the City is the safe transport of the children to and from their place of education and thus the facility will operate very differently from a traditional taxi rank. There will be a fenced off area with security to look after the school children and the facility will be managed, cleaned and maintained on regular basis 
The facility will operate only at certain hours, during the morning peak hours for the start of school, and again in the afternoon when the schools come out. The facility will not be open in the evening and during the night, over weekends and during school holidays. 
Trading will not be allowed in the facility nor will washing of kombis be allowed. Vehicles must be registered to use this facility, and no unregistered scholar transport operators or other vehicles will be allowed on the premises.
There will be security officers in the park and the facility.
See figure 1 below
Figure 1: proposes scholar transport exchange facility
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Last Updated on 30 May 2016