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20/07/2016: Invitation to show interest in use of treated wastewater for non-potable purposes
20 July 2016
Johannesburg Water invites bulk water customers who might be interested in using treated wastewater (effluent) for non-drinking purposes to express their interest by indicating their quantity and quality requirements, intended use and period over which they are likely to require the water. Such indication must include necessary essential conditions for taking up the service, reliability requirements and any other pertinent details.

The intention is to compile a list of potential of treated effluent users, with likely quantity and quality requirements and associated service condition/requirements. Possible users include, but are not limited to industrial establishments, Golf Clubs, Stadia, Parks, Schools and Farms etc. This non-binding expression of interest for the use will give us an indication of the likely demand and other pertinent requirements, thereby allowing for improved planning towards the provision of treated wastewater.

Once all expressions of interests have been received, the information will be collated and used within the JW’s master planning and investment delivery processes for future implementation according to available budgets. However, all substantial requests that warrant individual attention and those that are immediately bankable will be further discussed and elaborated on with individual companies/users as a matter of urgency.

This process is part of Johannesburg Water’s programme of improving the assurance of water supply by replacing the use of high quality potable water with the treated effluent for safe uses that do not require potable water, wherever possible. It will also contribute towards the reduction of pollution loading of the natural riverine ecology through the reduction of treated effluent from our Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW).

The benefits for consumers include a relatively cheaper and highly reliable alternative source of water that, in the absence of further treatment is also rich in natural nutrients that may also substantially reduce fertilizer requirements for irrigation consumers. For industrial consumers, the additional treatment to obtain high quality industrial water has been proven to be economically more viable while also being ecologically sound.

All current users of treated effluent are also encouraged to reaffirm they interest and required quantities as all existing uses and contracts will be reviewed in the short to medium term. This current expression of interest excludes individual households as this will be catered for in future years and only in localities where infrastructure has been installed.

For additional information please feel free to contact:

Ms Tidimalo Chuene
Manager: Marketing and Communications
011 688 1577
082 604 6727/ 079 406 6643
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Last Updated on 20 July 2016