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05/09/2016: Mashaba and team kickstarts Joburg’s revival
05 September 2016
The City of Johannesburg (CoJ) will from today investigate possibilities of keeping clinics open for extended hours.

This is one of the 10 resolutions taken by MMCs, City Manager Trevor Fowler, executives responsible for departments and municipal-owned entities and I at a four day session held at the Joburg Theatre last week.

The sessions were necessary to help the new political leadership understand what is required to speed up service delivery to residents.

On behalf of the City’s political and administrative leadership, allow me to release a Ten Point Plan to kick start Joburg’s revival. This includes:

1. A recognition by all present (political and administrative leadership) of the political arrangement/coalition imposed by the electorate in Joburg. This is necessary to help us move forward with speed and be responsible to the electorates wishes.

2. Joburg must run a responsive and pro-poor government. This City can be business friendly and pro-poor at the same time.

3. Plans and policies must be aligned for the City to work towards achieving a 5% economic growth rate. While this is an ambitious target, given that the country’s own economic growth rate is projected at 0.6% by the Reserve Bank, we appreciate the fact that if we do not achieve this, unemployment will remain high, the youth will still be out of school and out of jobs at the end of this term. We want Joburg to be the engine of the country’s economic growth. This can’t happen at the current growth rate. We appreciate that achieving this 5 % jump requires both government and the business sector to join hands, understanding that it is absolutely critical for us to achieve 5% GDP growth because failing to kickstart the Joburg economy has dire implications beyond Joburg’s own borders.

4. Create a professional public service that serves Joburg residents with pride. Our residents deserve a City which serves them with the highest standards delivered by a civil service that is dedicated and proud.

5. Ensure that corruption is public enemy number 1 in Joburg. Corruption steals from the poor and should be nipped in the bud. Investigations must be conducted into alleged fraud or corruption and the administration will work closely with law enforcement authorities to see to it that nobody is above the law.
6. Revive the inner city to bring people and business back into the inner City.

7. Complete the official housing waiting list and get it signed-off by the Mayor in 90 days from today. Unlike before, it will be publically available at government offices and to communities to ensure that it is transparent.

8. Produce within 60 days a report on the number of completed houses built by the city and the province - but not yet allocated or handed over to beneficiaries. It is unacceptable that there are houses that have been built but remain unoccupied when many of our residents live without acceptable accommodation.

9. Fast track the handover of title deeds - to ordinary residents, churches and businesses.

10. Use one of our clinics as a pilot project to investigate possibilities of availing our health facilities to residents for extended hours.

Universal access to health is an ideal the City must work towards. Budgets permitting and by cutting unnecessary expenditure, we must strive to extend the hours at our clinics to ensure a healthy citizenry.

A City that is business friendly attracts investors and entrepreneurs and this leads to the creation of much-needed jobs. Forty percent of issues plaguing South Africa are self-inflicted. This great city of the African continent needs to apply itself to what holds us back, cut red tape and ensure we not only improve efficiencies, but also serve with pride.

When we achieve this - and we encourage business to join us on this journey to make Joburg great again – we will all see that our aspiration to achieve the 5% GDP growth is not overly ambitious. It is, with the right attitudes within the City, with business coming on board, very achievable.

I must over-emphasise the importance of the creation of a professional public service. It is, indeed, a precondition for success. For us to ensure that services get to the intended people, we also need to declare corruption as public enemy number one in Joburg. Everyone, from politicians to officials, must ensure that corruption is not tolerated.

Our plans must be bold and ambitious. Our implementation must match that boldness. Joburg residents have waited for far too long for decent provision of services. We can’t make them wait any longer.

Issued by Executive Mayor Cllr Herman Mashaba

Enquiries: Michael Beaumont
Chief of Staff to the Executive Mayor
City of Johannesburg
Cell: 0837762760

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Last Updated on 05 September 2016