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10/11/2016: COJ working tirelessly to assist those affected by yesterday’s flash flood
10 November 2016
Iwould like to offer my sincere condolences to family, friends and communities who have lost loved ones following yesterday's flash floods. We will also be doing everything possible to assist in the search of those missing.

I can confirm at this stage that six people have died due to the flash flood and a three year old girl is currently missing in Alexandra.

The Aquatic Rescue Unit within the EMS provided emergency search and rescue to affected areas until 1am. They again picked up on this work this morning.

Property and infrastructure has also been damaged. I would also like to assure the public that the City is doing everything possible to assist communities and ensure that those affected are given emergency assistance.

Relevant departments and entities are currently on the ground providing the following disaster response services:

• EMS: EMS are providing emergency medical care, as well as search and rescue services, to those injured and affected during the flash flood and ensuing damage.

• Disaster Management: Disaster management is facilitating temporary accommodation and relief supplies to victims.

• Social Development: The Department of Health and Social Development, in conjunction with NGO's and the Provincial Government, are on the ground handing out blankets and food parcels to those who have tragically lost their belongings.

• Community Development: The Department of Community Development is opening community halls for those who have lost belongings to provide safe and dry shelter.

• JRA: JRA is out assessing the damage to infrastructure, clearing debris, silt and other obstructions to our roads, bridges and storm water drainage systems. JRA is in the process of cleaning up all roads in our City littered by debris, causing heavy traffic delays last night and this morning in certain areas.

Our City has experienced a flash flood beyond the capacity of our storm water systems. Unfortunately, any severe storm or flash flooding that occurs will result in isolated flooding as the road infrastructure is not designed for these severities. However, I wish to assure the public that JRA is working tirelessly to resolve blockages and repair faulty traffic lights resulting from the flash flood. JMPD officers have also been deployed to assist with traffic control to affected intersections.

I would like to thank these entities and departments for the professional manner in which they are dealing with this situation, and their quick response to those affected. Our teams have been working throughout the night in providing assistance to the most vulnerable in our City. We must be a responsive and caring government that serves our people.

I will also be visiting the Sandton Fire Station this morning which is being used as a briefing venue for departments and entities to coordinate and plan interventions and assistance.

Thereafter, I will be visiting Alexandra which has been one of the worst affected areas following the flash flood. It has been reported that close to 200 families lost their homes in Setswetla alone.

Tragically, it is our poorest residents who are worst affected during these situations. This is something that has to be addressed during my term in office.

Herman Mashaba

Executive Mayor

City of Johannesburg

For further information, please contact:

Gabu Tugwana


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