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30/01/2017: SAMWU opposition to reintegration betrays workers and residents alike
30 January 2017

I have noted with concern comments made by South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU), expressing their displeasure at Council’s recent decision to reintegrate Municipal Owned Entities such as City Power, Joburg Water and Pikitup back into the City.

These comments come as a surprise considering the messages of support I have received from members of SAMWU themselves on this decision. The sad truth of the matter is that these comments ultimately betray the very same people which the organisation claims to represent.

The recent decision by the City’s Council would simply Johannesburg’s complicated, inefficient and underperforming structure of Municipal Owned Entities into a service delivery model which improves performance and accountability whilst actually benefiting residents of the City, which includes workers.

Under the present structure, seemingly supported by SAMWU, mediocrity and non-performance have been allowed to fester for years. Boards of Directors whose leadership has failed to provide the level of service deserved by our people, have cost taxpayers to the tune of R18 million in the current financial year on salaries alone.

As the City of Johannesburg, we are extremely sensitive to the concerns of those employed through these entities. As I said on Thursday, during this process, there are to be no job losses experienced by ordinary workers. We seek to only bring the existing workforce and management into the City structures so as to enhance services for all throughout Johannesburg.

Only non-executive directors of the implicated Boards will see their tenures end following the reintegration process. This will also save the City millions of Rand which will be redirected to improve service delivery, improve economic growth and generate employment throughout the City.

As matters stand, SAMWU’s existing objection on the reintegration process seems to be more about politics than serving the best interests of its members.

Why would SAMWU not support a process for:

• fast tracking service delivery within the City;
• creating greater efficiency within the City and improving the quality of services provided by the City;
• achieving substantial financial savings for the City and ensuring taxpayer’s money is effectively used for the benefit of residents over ineffectual boards; and
• directly employing staff within the City?

The reintegration of City Entities will also represent an end to cadre deployment and patronage which is common place in the appointment of board members.

This decision to reintegrate Entities is proven best practice. Other cities such as Cape Town and eThekwini do not have Board structures and this approach tended to fast-track service delivery. The trend country-wide amongst metro municipalities has been to bring these entities within the City structures.

I continue to whole-heartedly believe that this course of action is what we need to correct the sluggish and non-responsive nature of our service delivery in our City. It is a decision we are making in the best interests of our residents.

Cllr Herman Mashaba
Executive Mayor
City of Joburg

For further information, please contact:

Tony Taverna-Turisan
Director of Communications
Office of the Executive Mayor
City of Johannesburg
Tel: 011 407 7375
Cellular: 082 920 9708
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Last Updated on 30 January 2017