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08/02/2017: I confirm a major investigation into City Power tenders worth billions
07 February 2017
I confirm that the City has instituted an independent forensic investigation into City Power tenders valued at billions of Rand. This follows serious allegations and information being disclosed to me.

This investigation is being conducted by Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo Incorporated, one of the top five auditing firms in South Africa. It is essential that this investigation is conducted by an independent and professional auditing firm in order to ensure that its report is free of any political interference or bias.

We expect a report to be finalised in the next six weeks and will make its findings and recommendations available to the public.

I find it staggering that the ANC would take interest in investigations into City Power tenders authorised during their term in office. I regard it as an indication that we are looking into the right tenders.

This interest and opposition to our fight against corruption in the City of Joburg gives credence to the idea that where there is smoke there is fire. The statement of the ANC begs the question, “If there is nothing to hide in this tender, why the level of interest?”

When I entered office I declared corruption public enemy number one and I am committed to rooting it out of every corner of our City. The days of politicians and officials shamelessly looting public money are over.

I condemn the ANC’s distasteful and shameless attack on City Manager, Dr Ndivho Lukhwareni, someone with such a distinguished career. This career includes serving as the Deputy City Manager under an ANC administration in Tshwane.

I have a direct message for the ANC:

If you have any discomfort in the focus of our investigations, all I can say is please get used to it. I can offer you no comfort, only the assurance those found guilty of corruption are behind bars and stolen money is recovered.

Cllr Herman Mashaba
Executive Mayor
City of Johannesburg

For further information, please contact:

Tony Taverna-Turisan
Director of Communications
Office of the Executive Mayor
City of Johannesburg
Tel: 011 407 7375
Cellular: 082 920 9708
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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