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12/02/2017: Rosettenville protests: City calls upon SAPS to utilize Crime Intelligence and investigate cases of arson
12 February 2017

On the 11 February Rosettenville descended into chaos once again. It is reported that the residents initially gathered peacefully to protest against the serious drug and prostitution problems in the area.

The gathering started peacefully and Johannesburg Metro Police Department was on the scene to maintain order. Whilst this was welcomed by the residents, the situation became out of control when SAPS decided to disburse the crowd by firing rubber bullets and tear gas grenades into the crowd. This not only angered the protestors but prompted community members to take the law into their own hands.

Angry residents chanting “Burn, Burn, Burn” began to attack suspicious drug dens and brothels and setting them alight.

I rushed to the scene when I received this information from ward councillor Michael Crichton.

When I arrived on the scene, one house was already on fire but two Joburg Emergency Management Services fire engines were there to distinguish the fire.

I was also taken to the elderly resident that was injured by the rubber bullet and shown her injuries.

My assessment of the situation was that most of the crowd were spectators and were not violent at all. Many of the elderly spectators were unable to move away from the scene quickly and became vulnerable.

I together with five other councillors from the area addressed the community and called on them to be calm and conduct themselves in an orderly manner.

Whilst the City is stepping up its efforts in the eradication of crime in Joburg, it will take the cooperation of the residents to make it happen. As much as we are all in the fight against crime, we simply cannot allow for the residents to take the law into their own hand and risk the safety of innocent bystanders.

I call upon the SAPS to investigate cases of arson and utilise its Crime Intelligence to assist the City in our fight against drugs and crime.

It is reported that at least 15 houses in the area were targeted and burnt.

For further information contact
MMC Michael Sun
082 822 9340
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Last Updated on 12 February 2017