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19/02/2017: Vandalism of network disrupting supply in Alexandra
19 February 2017
The destruction of City Power's infrastructure in the township of Alexandra, north of Johannesburg has risen to unacceptably high levels.

This week a substation was vandalised by unknown criminals causing electricity supply interruptions in the community. These acts of criminality not only pose a serious risk to public safety but have a negative impact on service delivery. 

Sicelo Xulu, Managing Director: City Power said, "It has come to our attention that our technicians often feel threatened when they are dispatched to resolve outages or conduct maintenance related work in the community of Alexandra. The safety of our technicians is first priority. We will not hesitate to withdraw them from any potential risk or hostile environment. By doing so we are unable to meet our service delivery imperatives, because work must be temporarily halted until it is safe for our technicians to return to the community." 

City Power urges residents to report suspicious or fraudulent behaviour in the area to its toll free number 0800 002 587 or SAPS 10111.

"We have opened up a case of theft and vandalism with SAPS this week and we also encourage residents to support us in our fight against theft and vandalism."

"The more frequently cases like this are reported the easier it becomes for City Power to dispatch the correct resources to the area were they are most required," said Xulu."

He added, "City Power officials and contractors will be escorted by JMPD when attending to power outages and they have deployed response vehicles which patrol high risk areas prone to theft and vandalism of our infrastructure. 

We have also conducted joint operations with the SAPS, JMPD and scrap metal dealers because we know this is where the transaction of stolen cables usually occurs." 

In the past financial year, City Power has made over 250 arrests related to cable theft and structural damage to the infrastructure. Over 14 million rands is lost annually in the city of Johannesburg due to theft and network vandalism. 

"The business has taken a decision to install aerial bundle conductors (ABC) to deter cables thieves. The ABC is made of aluminium which is of no value to cable theft syndicates. We have also started replacing lattice pylons with monopoles" continued Xulu.

City Power is also conducting educational awareness and engagement in communities affected by theft and vandalism.

Residents should also report suspicious trolley pushers to the above-mentioned numbers should they suspect them of cable theft. 

Issued by 

Hloni Motloung 
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
071 637 7990 
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Last Updated on 19 February 2017