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Joburg Ombudsman exchanges notes with Public Protector’s office Print E-mail
09 March 2017

The City’s Johannesburg Ombudsman, Advocate S’duduzo Gumede, and members of his management team met officials of the Public Protectors on Wednesday, March 8, to discuss matters of mutual interest in Pretoria. 

Top on the agenda was the decision to direct City of Johannesburg’s public complaints to the Johannesburg Ombudsman, as first preference, before the Public Protectors office.

For residents, this means complaints relating to poor service delivery, billing, poor compliance with bylaws, prejudices, unjustifiable use of power, maladministration, and service delivery will be lodged with the Johannesburg Ombudsman. Ombudsman Advocate Gumede residents were still welcome to lodge complaints with the Public Protector if they did agree with the Ombudsman’s findings.

The first draft cementing the collaboration between the Johannesburg Ombudsman office and Public Protectors office will be submitted on Friday, said Themba Dlamini, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Public Protectors office.

The Ombudsman may investigate any alleged act or omission or any attempt by an employee serving in the municipality or municipal entity which constitutes:

(a) Any contravention of item 2, 4(1)(a) or (b); 5, 6(1), 7, 8,9 or 12 of the Code of Conduct for Municipal Staff Members contained in Schedule 2 to the Municipal Systems Act;
(b) Any failure to comply with the provisions of section 5(1)(b), (c), (f) or (g) of the Municipal Systems Act;
(c) Any maladministration in the affairs of the municipality to the prejudice of a member of the public;
(d) Any abuse or unjustifiable exercise of power, whether such power is held under a delegation or in terms of any law;
(e) Any unfair, capricious or discourteous conduct;
(f) Any improper conduct in the affairs of the municipality which directly or indirectly prejudices a member of the public; and
(g) Any other act or omission by an employee performing a public function which results in the unlawful or improper prejudice to a member of the public.
(e) Any investigation relating to the internal or external audit of the Council's financial affairs;
(f) Any complaint which is vexatious or frivolous;
(g) Where the complainant has not exhausted all internal remedies available unless the Ombudsman considers that the refusal to act would result in an injustice to the complainant; and
(h) Any alleged irregular conduct of a councillor.
All complaints submitted to the Office of the Ombudsman must be in writing. Telephonic submissions made to the Office will be captured in writing to enable the office to properly record the submission.

Residents and businesses can contact the Office of the Ombudsman by calling 087 980 0058 or 0102882800, email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

website: or by visiting the office at Wilds View 2, Isle of Houghton, 36 Boundary Road, Houghton Estate.

The office is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. It is closed on weekends and public holidays.

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Last Updated on 09 March 2017