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Mayor assures Kya Sand businesses of his support Print E-mail
13 March 2017

Johannesburg Executive Mayor Cllr Herman Mashaba on Friday, March 10, assured Kya Sand businesspeople that their concerns would be addressed when his administration tables its inaugural Budget in a few weeks’ time.

Mayor Mashaba visited Kya Sand, north of Johannesburg, at the invitation of the local business community, whose businesses had been plagued by a combination of challenges including cable theft, power and water cuts, illegal electricity connections, crime, wastages, the mushrooming of the neighbouring informal settlements, illegal dumping and the lack of municipal services.

Kya Sand has 266 industrial properties with 600 businesses, including 13 international companies. It provides employment to more than 10 000 people.

Promising action, Mayor Mashaba told members of the Kya Sand Business Association that business was the lifeblood of the city’s economy.

In its 10-point plan, adopted shortly after the 3 August 2016 local government elections, the City has committed itself to growing the Johannesburg economy by at least 5% by 2021.

Mashaba, who said Johannesburg was the heartbeat of South Africa’s economy, was accompanied during the high-profile visit by two Members of the Mayoral Committee – Cllr Nonhlanhla Makhuba (Transport) and Cllr Michael Sun (Public Safety) – and senior officials from the Johannesburg Metro Police Department, Johannesburg Roads Agency, Johannesburg City Parks & Zoo, City Power, Pikitup, Johannesburg Water, and from the Housing and Environmental Health departments.

“Johannesburg is the economic hub of South Africa. When Johannesburg works, the whole country works. It is the aim of my administration to work together with businesses and industries of our city. We need businesses more than they need us,” Mashaba said.

He told the business community that his door was always open for residents in general and businesspeople in particular.

“I’m open for any business ideas that will grow the economy of our city. When our economy grows, more job opportunities will be created. When there are jobs, the dignity of our residents will be restored. There will be more gains for the City and the country. Crime levels will drop.

“Working parents will be able to take their children to school. We will have an educated nation. We will have entrepreneurs, businesspeople, lawyers, doctors and teachers,” Mashaba said.

He reiterated his position that undocumented foreigners were not welcome in Johannesburg. “The national government will have to assist here and register those foreign nationals who meet the requirements. As a City, we will never sit back and allow undocumented foreign nationals do as they please.”

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Last Updated on 13 March 2017