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Pertinent issues left out of draft IDP, claim residents Print E-mail
10 April 2017

Hundreds of residents of Discovery and surrounding areas in Roodepoort have told City of Johannesburg officials and elected public representatives that they are unhappy with the draft 2017-2018 Integrated Development Plan (IDP) as they feel it has left out pertinent issues affecting their region.

The residents voiced their concerns during a review of the draft IDP at the Discovery Recreation Centre in Region C following a presentation by Regional Director Mlamli Belot on Friday.

The meeting was also attended by Region C oversight Member of the Mayoral Committee Cllr Nico de Jager and several ward councillors. Officials of municipal-owned entities including Pikitup and City Power and departments such as Health and Social Development and Housing were also in attendance.

Belot’s presentation outlined what the IDP sought to achieve going forward. It was preceded by a report-back on issues raised during IDP meetings in 2016.

But Ward 84 resident Siyabonga Masiza said the draft IPD was silent on the development of small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs). “I don’t see anything in this document that talks about the development of SMMEs and entrepreneurs,” said Masiza.

He also said the Princess Crossing informal settlement had not been electrified as expected. “City Power hasn’t attended to Princess Crossing. There’s high unemployment in Region C, especially among the youth,” Masiza said.

Another community member, Siyabonga Londiwe Mthabela, of Ward 70 said serious interventions were needed to deal with drugs in Florida. “In the draft document that’s presented here, there’s no mention of drugs that have taken over Florida. Drugs are sold in broad daylight there. We’re appealing to authorities to do something about this,” said Mthabela.

Housing was also at the centre of the discussions. Michael Mathebula said Fleurhof, where several housing developments are being undertaken by the City and other spheres of government, had many houses that remained unoccupied long after they had been built.

“I’d like to know the City’s plan on vacant houses. These houses are not occupied. Lots of people in our area are in need of housing. This presentation doesn’t touch on developing people next to the Roodepoort rugby site. Does the City have land to build houses?” said Mathebula.

Economic development and job creation were also raised as issues of concern. Residents complained that outsiders were benefiting from projects in the region.

Belot said the region was committed to working with communities to resolve issues they had raised. “We need to work with you. This is why we’re committing to coming back to you. The issue of drugs is multidimensional. It goes beyond arresting peddlers and rehabilitating drug users. There has to be social programmes that people participate in,” he said.

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Last Updated on 10 April 2017