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We’re not safe, residents tell MMC at IDP meeting Print E-mail
13 April 2017

Urban decay and the lack of safety dominated deliberations at an Integrated Development Plan (IDP) review meeting at the Yeoville Recreation Centre in Region F last night (Wednesday April 12).

Bertrams resident Lebogang Kgoale said there was an open veld near her home where people were mugged, robbed or raped almost on a daily basis without anything been done about it by law-enforcement agencies.

“There are always criminals lurking in the open veld waiting to prey on unsuspecting residents,” said Kgoale.

“Earlier this year, we went to the authorities to report these incidents but there hasn't been any response even to this day. People have even abandoned newborn babies there. Just last week, the body of a man was found in the same veld. 

“We’re scared of venturing out there because the area has become so dangerous for many us. With winter approaching, we’re afraid many of us will be targeted when we go to or come back from work,” said Kgoale.

In response, Member of Mayoral Committee for Development Planning Cllr Funzela Ngobeni promised that relevant City departments and entities would urgently intervene. He said that open veld was a topic of discussion during a recent meeting with Ward Councillor Phineas Madisha.

“By next week, the Environmental Health Department will start working in the area along with relevant entities to ensure the environment is clean and safe again,” promised Cllr Ngobeni.

He added that law enforcement agencies would also be brought on board for residents to feel safe.

Yeoville resident Jabulile Mvula complained about the deterioration of the “once glorious suburb”.  “This suburb of ours has deteriorated to a point where even when you tell people you live in Yeoville, they have no interest in associating with you. We would like to know if there is a plan of action against crime in the area because we cannot even walk in the streets as we constantly feel unsafe.

“When you speak out against crime in Yeoville, you are labelled xenophobic. We ask for a 24-hour security system from the City for us to walk in the streets without any fear. That’s all we are asking for,” she said.

Her sentiments were shared by Makhaola Ndebele of Observatory. He suggested having monitoring systems to resolve problems raised.

“As long I’ve been a residents here, we’ve had the same problems. Maybe this needs proper planning so that when we meet next time we will be given feedback on all the issues,” said.

Among other challenges raised by residents were youth unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse, illegal dumping, noise pollution, hijacking of buildings, the lack of schools and libraries and unhygienic living conditions.

In closing, MMC Ngobeni said: “The issues you have raised are mostly about operations and service delivery, which were supposed to have been dealt with a long time ago. Going forward, we will prioritise on the issues that need our urgent intervention.”

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Last Updated on 13 April 2017