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Disruptions fail to stop Mayor’s IDP address Print E-mail
24 April 2017

It took stern action from the JMPD and a determined Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba to overcome unruly mobs and ensure that residents of Region E had a say in the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) process on Saturday April 22.

Two unidentified men stormed the stage at the Finetown Multipurpose Centre shortly after Mayor Mashaba ascended the podium to address the audience.

The two were, however, eventually forcibly removed from the hall. Other community members who were arguing with the JMPD officers were also ejected.

IDP regional summits held at Midrand High School in Region A, Johannesburg City Hall in Region F and Roodepoort City Hall in Region C over the past few days have also been disrupted by unruly crowds.

Following violent incidents at Midrand High School on Tuesday April 18, during which several people were injured, Executive Mayor Mashaba vowed he would criminally charge ANC councillors who were allegedly behind the disruptions.

Resuming his presentation in Finetown, Mayor Mashaba said such disruptions would not be tolerated.

“If you don’t want to respect us as the new government of the City, we ask that you respect this community,” Mashaba said.

He said the IDP and the 2017-2018 Budget would contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life of Region G residents in particular.

The Mayor said the City had a mandate to bring about change and to depart from the “business-as-usual” approach. He said the 2017-2018 IDP Review would ensure that communities were served with pride and dignity based on five mayoral pillars.

The pillars are: 

  1. lGrowing the economy and creating jobs;
  2. lEnhancing the quality of life by improving service and taking care of the environment;
  3. lAdvancing pro-poor development that provides meaningful redress;
  4. lBuilding caring, safe and secure communities; and
  5. lInstituting an honest, responsive and productive government. 

He said these pillars would also ensure that the City’s economy was promoted and attracted investment to achieve 5% growth and reduce unemployment, especially among the youth. 

The Mayor said the City would ensure it responded to the needs of its citizens, created financial stability, encouraged innovation and efficiency through the Smart City programme and preserved its resources for future generations.

Johannesburg has a population of 4.94 million residents, representing 8.9% of South Africa's total population.

This, the Mayor said, made the City important in empowering people. “When Johannesburg works, South Africa works,” he said.

He said the City had taken a zero tolerance stance on corruption as it robbed people of better quality of life.

“About substantial amount of black youth are unemployed today and we are failing them. We need to invest in their businesses so others can find employment opportunities. We need to ensure that we create an attractive environment so businesses all over the world can come and pour money into the city,” he said.

The Mayor also told the summit that every City entity would be investigated if they failed to deliver.

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Last Updated on 24 April 2017