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SOCA: Anti-corruption unit saves City R2-billion Print E-mail
04 May 2017

The City of Johannesburg is serious about stamping out corruption.

Since the appointment of General Shadrack Sibiya as Head of the Internal Investigations Unit in November 2016, the City has exposed and prevented fraud and corruption estimated at R2-billion across a number of departments and entities.

This was revealed by Johannesburg Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba during his inaugural State of the City Address (SOCA) at Metro Centre in Braamfontein on Wednesday May 3.

The illegal activities that General Sibiya’s unit has uncovered have resulted in 30 City employees being arrested and 91 suspended and three senior officials resigning.

“Corruption steals from the poor and must be stopped. I have always said that the corruption exposed to date is only the tip of the iceberg when it came to the outright looting that was taking place in our City. If we are to meet Johannesburg’s service delivery needs, every cent counts. That is why we will continue to vigorously pursue every allegation of corruption,” said Mayor Mashaba.

He added that General Sibiya’s unit was currently investigating more than 300 cases involving R10-billion that had either been lost or misused as a result of fraud and corruption.

“This figure is utterly sickening. This level of corruption could not have taken place in a vacuum. It is without doubt that many a blind eye was turned in leadership. This is money that should have been utilised to provide much-needed service delivery to communities throughout Johannesburg, especially the poor,” said Mayor Mashaba.

He said gone were the days when a gentle slap on the wrist was the punishment for fraud and corruption. “We will expose wrongdoing and ensure that those implicated are suspended, face criminal prosecution and monies recovered. In our continued fight against corruption, we have to rely on the Hawks and the National Prosecuting Authority for our investigations to achieve the arrests and convictions they require,” he said.

Mayor Mashaba added that he had discovered that several of the City’s fraud and corruption cases had been interfered with by certain elements within the South African Police Service. He said he had reported this “serious interference” in the City’s cases to the Independent Police Investigations Directorate (IPID).

“We welcome IPID’s decision to investigate the serious allegations of defeating the ends of justice and abuse of power, and we look forward to the outcomes of their investigation. I will never tolerate any form of interference in our fight against corruption,” Mayor Mashaba said.

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Last Updated on 04 May 2017