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Joburg rolls out 120 Jozi safety kits in Diepsloot Print E-mail
10 July 2017

The Johannesburg Emergency Management Services (EMS) on Sunday July 9 handed over about 120 Jozi Safety kits to the Diepsloot community in the City of Johannesburg’s Region A.

The handover forms part of its ongoing drive to ensure the safety of residents in informal settlements this winter.

This brings to 800 the number of Jozi Safety kits the City has distributed in these vulnerable communities since Member of the Mayoral Committee for Public Safety Cllr Michael Sun launched the Winter Safety campaign in Zandspruit in Region C on June 1.

Each kit contains a parasafe stove, burn kit to treat minor burns, solar lantern light, paraffin container with a safety cap, smoke detector, fire retard spray and a 7.25l bucket ‎to store water.

The kits came in handy in Zandspruit on the night of Wednesday July 5 when six shacks caught alight. Members of the local safety team leapt into action and used the equipment to stop the fire from spreading and causing more damage. One person was slightly injured in the blaze.

Last year, EMS officers responded to a total of 790 fires that claimed the lives of 23 people. The number of fatalities in fire-related incidents in 2016 represented a significant drop compared with 32 deaths the previous year.

Speaking in Diepsloot on Sunday, EMS spokesman Robert Mulaudzi said the safety of residents was a priority to the City and that the handover of the safety kits to communities made a huge difference to saving people’s lives and property.

He pleaded with residents not to sell the safety kits as they were meant for their safety. “Doing so would be tantamount to selling your own safety and protection to the highest bidder,” said Mulaudzi.

Thapelo Nukari, one of the residents who underwent a basic firefighting training course and provided with a safety kit, said he welcomed the city’s proactive move as it would minimise the number of fire incidents in the informal settlement.

“We live in a place where there is a lot of fires, especially during the winter season. We were taught to be extra cautious when using candles,” said Nukari.

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Last Updated on 11 July 2017